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  • Black,White, & RED All Over!!

    Black,White, & RED All Over!! by dsny featuring red jewelry One of my favorite color combinations is Black and white with pops of red. I was feeling inspired by a Poison by Dior parfume bottle I saw today! To me, this color combination is so classic! You can never go wrong with red…ie: VALENTINO –…

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  • Monthly Street Style Feature: Sarah Michelson on Teen Style Her Way!

    This month’s street style feature is focusing on a Super Teen – Sarah Michelson!! She’s got the look, she’s got the style and now we’ve got her on STYLE SENDERS! Out for lunch with family friends on a warm Monday afternoon, I was overly surprised that my favorite teen was sitting at the table, joining…

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  • She Wore White…I wore a LBD!

    She Wore White…I wore a LBD!

    On Sunday August 5th 2012, I attended a beautiful wedding at the Wilshire Grand Caterers in West Orange, New Jersey! The bride is the daughter of a dear family friend! My dad went to college with the “FOB”! It’s been a while since I saw this family and I was so excited to partake in…

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  • Awww! How Glee-ful of You!!!

    Being a former drama geek I truly believe that Glee is the best show on TV!!! It brings back those old-school enriching values and traditions of  life, music and theater that has become lost among today’s generation. When watching the episodes every week I can identify what song is from which past Broadway show or…

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