WEEKLY WEARS – Silver Starlet – Wedding Season

WEEKLY WEARS – Silver Starlet – Wedding Season

For those of you attending weddings this season - it may be daunting rummaging through your closet to try and find that perfect cocktail dress, or evening gown. Most of us just run to our local department store to find the perfect dress(es) because its just easier. If you are like me and are tired [...]

Monthly Street Style Feature: Sarah Michelson on Teen Style Her Way!

This month's street style feature is focusing on a Super Teen - Sarah Michelson!! She's got the look, she's got the style and now we've got her on STYLE SENDERS! Out for lunch with family friends on a warm Monday afternoon, I was overly surprised that my favorite teen was sitting at the table, joining [...]

82nd Annual Academy Awards 2010 – Best Dressed

Now, my entire life of watching the Oscar's I have always said that the only designer that should be worn should be...you guessed it...Mr. Oscar him himself, Oscar De La Renta. But, I don't think that would go over to well with all the other fabulous designer who's luxurious work has graced the red carpet over the years. Don't get me wrong, some actors have made very bad choices at the Academy awards! We all Remember Bjork's swan dress that I think was more of a Swan song; a cry for help. I think we need to put that monstrosity behind us and never look back on it again, even though it is such an iconic FASHION DONT! Tonight, Instead of focusing on the Fashion don't of the Oscars I am going to focus on the FASHION DO's!