HAPPY HALLOWEEN — BOO!!! It's that time of year again! The time where we dress up like out favorite pop culture figures, kitchen condiments, animals, Disney princesses, municipal workers (ie: policemen, construction workers, etc.), or scary zombies — all with a stitch of sexy! My personal favorite costumes are those that are super creative & [...]

Rain is a pain in the Boot-ie!

It has been raining like cats and dogs in Manhattan for the past few days. When will it stop? Well as long as the rain keeps on flooding the streets of New York us girls need something cute to walk around in because heaven knows we will not get our Louboutins or Monolos drenched now will we? No-sir-ee-bob. This is wear Rain boots come into play. For the past few years rain boots have been popping up everywhere. For footwear that used to be considered non-fashionable and shoes only worn by police officers, fisherman, and fireman, these full rubber boots have truly become a staple in every woman's shoe closet.

Sweet and Cheesey!

Imagine a burst of a very sweet strawberry infused with vanilla with a hint of a tangy cream...that sounds like heaven to me! To most I know the thought of "cheese" in a jellybean completely repulsed them but once i pretty much forced them to try it, like I they too fell in love and every now and then get a yen for the bean!