In order to provide readers with reviews on products, services, websites and/or other segmentations accurately, companies may provide StyleSenders.com with sample products which may be chosen to be kept. We will do our best to feature the items related to any editorial content on the blog. StyleSenders.com will never publish a product that does not meet the standards or expectations of the blog.If you and/or your company would like to send any products for review please contact us for consideration – we would love to take a hands on look!

The main forms of financial compensation StyleSenders.com accepts is through sponsorships, sponsored blog posts, linkage agreements & advertisements. The Blog may accept financial compensation for collaborations consisting of editorial content written by the author; Dara Senders. Collaborations are only agreed to so long as the author maintains her own writing style and opinions. Sponsored banner advertising opportunities are available and will be identified as such. Other types of advertisement & sponsorship opportunities such as accommodations & events are also available upon request. If you are interested in advertising or sponsoring on the blog please contact StyleSenders.com. We are happy to work with you!

Giveaways are a fun way to attract perspective clients and create a buzz about your company and product/service. We offer this service to any and all companies that’s product and brand complies with our target market which is mainly the 16-26 year old youthful,girlie, cosmopolitan sophisticate female.

Any personal information such as E-mail addresses, phone numbers and names submitted via comment forms or through the subscription box will never be sold, and/or rented without your consent.

Style Senders™ is a pending trademark and may not be imitated, replicated or reproduced in any form!

This policy is valid as of July 31st 2012. All policies & terms may be subject to change, and will be updated accordingly.

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