ECHO: Fabulous Winter Accessories ALL Will LOVE

I love winter. Mostly because of all of the fabulous textures we can layer ourselves with! Plus, I am an accessories girl. I cant get enough of… Read more "ECHO: Fabulous Winter Accessories ALL Will LOVE"


Designer Spotlight – Ann Dexter-Jones

Last month I had the absolute pleasure of visiting designer Ann Dexter-Jones at her cozy and eclectic West Village townhouse and studio. We spent two days discussing her brand, fashion, life, love, art and exchanging laughs over delicious tea while she showed me around her design studio. It was wonderful connecting on a more personal level by sharing our stories of life experiences, values, family history, likes and dis-likes; realizing how much we had common with one-another. Like Ann, her home was very welcoming with the spirit of love, life and family all throughout. This made for an even better visit that I will forever remember!