Skin Care Routine: Dara Style


Bonjour Lovies!

I’m back!!! :::Does Obligatory Happy Dance:::

I must say it feels so good! I’ve had a pretty busy whirlwind of two years with the launch of DARA SENDERS that has come to a pause due to the current state of world affairs. After being in quarantine for exactly 50 days today I felt like something was missing. Its not out of pure boredom that I’m coming back to you. Trust me, I am not bored. While starting an initiative to give masks to those combating COVID-19, it has certainly kept me busy and content in knowing I’m doing what I can to give back in these very scary times! What it is, honestly is that I’ve missed writing, sharing my favorite finds of all kinds, but most of all I’ve missed connecting with YOU! It was always something I truly enjoyed. Being able to help people, even through fashion, beauty and travel has always given me such joy! What can I say, I’m a true giver in the sense.

I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to come back to you guys! Especially with my first post. “With what kind of content would you all be interested in?”, I thought to myself. As I am not huge on beauty and as someone with incredibly sensitive skin who reacts to almost everything I figured I’d make my comeback with the ONLY skincare routine I have been doing throughout this entire quarantine. Before lock down, I discovered the art of at home lymphatic drainage massages also known as Gua Sha (say it five times fast…its so fun!) thanks to Fitness and Lifestyle Megababe, Melissa Wood! I ordered a few items that would assist in Gua Sha-ing myself and I gave been hooked since and have actually seen real results!


Here Are The Shopable Products I Use Everyday During My Daily Skin Care/ Gua Sha Routine:




  1.  Wash/cleanse my face with Cetaphil or my prescription acne wash.
  2. I apply a thin layer of the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpt Cream. (It smells so heavenly)
  3. I then give my face a lymphatic drainage massage using the jade & quarts rollers for about 20 minutes. Some days five minutes, some days for an hour depending on how much down time I have.


  1. I then take my dry brush and stroke aggressively in an upward motion all over my body. Accept my torso, this I do in a downward motion which rids the body of all toxins. For me, this is the best kind of massage I can have! It feels so good! Sometimes my boyfriend does it for me. The dry brushing has helps reduce the cellulite I was born with, so much!!! I never believed it would work, but it really does! 
  2. After, I moisturize my skin with Aveeno lotion, which I have been using my entire life! Its the only lotion that does not irritate my skin or makes it feel hot and greasy


And there ya have it!


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