La Meilleure Fromagerie de Paris! THE BEST CHEESE SHOP IN PARIS!

On a pleasantly warmer night in Paris, my boyfriend and I decided to walk around Paris. We ended up is St. Germain and before dinner stumbled upon “the best fromagerie in Paris“! This is a very short post but I just had to share the magnificently looking, horribly smelling, abundance of cheese with you all! I was like a kid in a candy store!

What shop is it you ask? It is called Laurent Dubois Formagerie located at 47 Ter Boulevard Saint-Germain!

For my fellow cheese lovers out there, be prepared to have your heart melt like baked Brie!

Laurent Dubois Fromagerie is heaven for any cheese lover! I thought I was going to pass out when walking in! No, not because of the smell (which was extremely strong, fragrant and after the first few seconds, incredible) but how amazingly delicious and well displayed ALL of the cheese looked! I sampled some of the Blue & Compte which was INSANELY good and went home with a couple of them! ANYONE, traveling to Paris who likes cheese in the littlest must come here! They even shrink-wrap for traveling! You will Merci me later! I promise!



xoxo Dara Senders



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  1. Wow, so cool!!! It’s one of my dreams to go for a walk in Paris with my loved one, and now I know one of the destinations I will visit! Thanks for sharing!

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