On a rather cool day in December, (Dec, 08 2017) I was invited by fellow blogger and Friend Dana Prigge to be part if a lovely morning of fashion and fun at Neiman Marcus in Short Hills, New Jersey! When your friend calls and invites you to a breakfast with Vogue’s editor in chief Anna Wintour and Nieman Marcus’s fashion director Ken Downing you stop what you’re doing and prep your outfit the week before (well, in my case the night before! I procrastinate by nature!)



This was not my first or second time for that matter being part of an event in which both Anna & Ken were present. I have been fortunate to have had conversations with both at different times which is still a “pinch me” thought for the 12 year old girl in me who always imagined myself doing what I do. Furthermore, it is always very exciting when you have the opportunity to partake in and learn from the industry’s best! You must take every opportunity that comes your way and honestly, in between a lot of the chaos that was happening for me that week I am very happy I pushed myself to go to this event! It was really lovely and enjoyable!

The morning conversation mainly surrounded the topics of how the fashion industry is ever changing at a rapid pace more than ever and how it is morphing into new avenues for change, excitement in technological advances and in diversity with sizing and body image (something I am passionate about). It was said that both Vogue & Neiman’s always strive to be at the forefront of it all even setting the trend or pushing the controversial topics of today’s cultural and current news, not just in fashion but within health, politics etc. There was also a fashion presentation showcasing new trends for fall with hand picked looks by Ken himself. Boy, were they really fun and exquisite all rolled into one!

After the discussion, attendees had the opportunity to mingle with each other including with Ken & Anna,too! It was so wonderful to chat and reconnect with Ken again. He is genuinely such a nice guy who shares my love of sequins and sparkle!

In addition, all attendees went home with the December issue of Vogue signed personally by Anna Wintour; and to my surprise this issue’s cover photo donned Meryl Streep! How cool/ironic is that? (Giggles)

Thank you Dana Prigge & Terry Dragoumis for inviting me to such a wonderful event! I can’t wait to be part of more in the very near future!

Xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

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