PFW FW17: Isadora Limare Press Preview at Sofitel Faubourg 

I am so happy to finally have the chance to sit down and blog about my experience during Paris Fashion Week.

It started perfectly with a trip to the SOFITEL Faubourg to preview Isadora Limare‘s beautifully unique handbag collection. I arrived rather early since I did not know how long it would take me to get from the 19th to the 8th. Apparently it only took about 15 minutes by Uber. Now you all know this bit of travel information, too. As I arrived it was pouring outside. The hotel’s bellhop greeted me and opened the door with a very happy, “Bonjour Madame“. I felt so fancy! As I spun through the revolving door I arrived at the most beautiful arrangement of flowers in the lobby. The hotel is truly breathtaking and was filled with lots of fashionable people who were also in Paris for Fashion Week. I recognized many of them and planned on introducing myself, however everyone was so busy running around, running very late and trying to figure out their next show location that it would have been rude to interrupt. Luckily I had the chance again later in the week.

As I walked through Sofitel to find where Isadora’s presentation would be I looked up at the most beautiful skylight with a picture perfect view of the hotel that is your ultimate Parisian building view. It took my breath away. As I came down from my amazement I spotted Isadora’s handbags on a beautiful wooden shelf in the back of the waiting area. Then, I spotted Isadora. It was our first time meeting after corresponding via email and Instagram for a fews week prior to my arrival. She is the sweetest and welcomed me with open arms and excitement about showing me her collection; but asked if I wouldn’t mind waiting till she finished setting up her showcase. I did not mind at all. After all, I was about an hour early and completely understood what is it like for a designer to be completely ready to show their work. I’ve been in the same position myself, in the past. About forty-five minutes later Isadora was ready for me to be introduced to her new collection. I had only seen these bags online and they are beautiful by picture. However, they are even more magnificent in real life. From the powerful color combinations, skins and silhouette Isadora Limare is a handbag designer to be watched and coveted! An interesting note to her bags is that they incorporate salmon and perch skin details. I have never really seen handbags or accessories use salmon and perch skins before and it was really interesting. The texture is very cool that adds a certain je ne sais qua. The geometrical shape of the bags are really interesting and the build is surprisingly light weight and roomy and can be worn in six different ways; as a clutch a soulder bag with interchangable straps and as a bracelet. Yes, the hand strap on the back of the clutch detaches and can be made into a bracelet. There is also room to add an iPad inside making it a great statement peice for all contemporary professional women.  They are small enough to use for the evening but large enough to fit everything you could possibly need throughout your day. The perfect transition bag! Let’s just say, I WANT THEM ALL!!

A little bit more about Isadora Limare

While working in New York City & Paris for top Media agencies, Parisian designer Isadora Limare launched a clothing collection in 2004, in conjunction with Galeries Lafayette‘s “Young Designers Collective”. Fast forward to 2016, having been inspired by the reaction of past customers Isadora created what she now calls the PRYSM bag – which she is well known for. She enjoys creating shapes with sharp lines and ultra bright colors. Isadora only uses the best quality materials and her bags are handcrafted by top artisans who help her achieve her perfectly geometric shapes. Isadora gets much of her inspiration from art-deco of the 1920’s and design from the 1980’s and enjoys playing with the the idea of bringing  both genres of art and architecture into the present time.

Isadora Limare is sold at ÉTIENNE MARCEL (58m) in Paris and on her website


xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

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