My Favorite Looks from Paris Couture Week Spring 2017

Oh the wonders and artistic craft of Couture! Did you know that a designer can only be considered a true couturier if they are accredited as such by the state of France? That is correct! I learned this many years ago when researching different Parisian fashion houses which made me appreciate the concept of couture more. It is an art form that is extremely detailed,  delicate and 100% handmade to perfection no matter how you measure it. This is why “Couture” is so special, rare, and has that hefty price tag we all see dangling from the garment in stores. In addition, there are usually only a small number of each couture garment made by each designer, many being one of a kind.

With this said, I will be heading to Paris for Fashion Week – no, not couture week  because this took place last week but Pret-a-Porter (meaning ready to wear) in February and March. I am very excited! But, knowing I will be seeing all the beautiful ready to wear shows and sharing them with you as I do from NYFW every season made me want to share my favorite looks from some of my favorite brands that showed in Paris during Couture Week. These brands are, Chanel, Dior, Valentino, Versace, Giambasistta Valli, Schiaparelli, Mason Margiela and Voktor & Rolf. Keeping in the theme of pastels for spring and my favorite kinds of colors, these designers showcased ultra feminine, flowing yet tailored looks that pop with sparkle and structure ranging from evening gowns to pant suites. There is so much attention to detail one can’t help but to fall in love with each and every garment, no matter your personal style preferences. Just look how Chanel provided us with thier perfect shade of pastel pink and sequins galore, Versace wowed with sexy silhouettes and outstanding embellishments,  Valentino flows with elegance and ease with flowy fabrics made for a Greek god, and how Maison Margiela constructed portraits out of tulle (now this is next level genius!!!!)

I hope you enjoy the below images as much as I love sharing them with you!

I look forward to showing all of you my time at Paris Fashion Week!


xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

Photo Credit: Getty Images




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