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So, After my glorious day at my new home Versailles I came down with the worst throat infection ever! This was my first time being so far away from home and being so sick. It really sucked. This virus just exploded that night and was really stubborn about going away! But, luckily I have the best boyfriend in the word who took such good care of me! Next to my mom’s chicken soup his is the best!What really sucked even more is that I have to spend 4 days of my trip in bed, under the covers watching movies! Who wants to stay in bed when they have all of Paris right outside their door? It was so frustrating! But luckily on day five I was able to go out for Sunday Brunch.

We decided to meet friends at Le Pain Quotidian in Montmartre.. I found this to be funny since we have this restaurant chain all over the US. However, I was told that is is even more delicious in Paris then in the States. Boy  were they right! I mean, everything tastes better in Paris anyway! It was a really fun brunch getting to know knew friends. I ordered the petite dejourne with a croissant, hot chocolate and apple juice, along with a kale, spinach and feta cheese fritatta, and Camembert cheese on the side to have with my ever so delicious basket of bread! I have never enjoyed a brunch so much in my life! The table was so packed with food there wasn’t any room to eat it! But obviously we all did leaving all of our plates as clean as if they came out of the dishwasher!

After we walked around the village of Montmartre. We said good bye to our friends and continued to walk all the way up to Sacre Coeur! Sacre Coeur is a really big white church at the top of Montmartre.. It happens to be my second favorite church in the city of Paris. Even though I felt like I was going to drop dead, I really loved walking around visiting all of the local mom and pop shops and people watching when we were on the grounds of the church! The weather was perfectly cool with a warm sun. The way that autumn should be. This made it even more picturesque. I felt as if I was in a Parisienne West Village that had a big grassy hill that I really enjoyed lounging on!

But the Day IS NOT OVER!!

Even though I was feeling lousy and didn’t want to be sicker for Halloween the next day, I also did not want to give up on a magnificently beautiful evening. As we left Sacre Coeur we made it to Trocedero to see the Eiffel Tower Sparkle and Twinkle. I had had it on my mind all day to possible visit the top but was not sure how I’d feel. As we got there my boyfriend told me we were going to go up! Oh My Goodness! I became to excited! It was still light outside so we would have been on top for sunset! How romantic, right? (swoons) However, the line was so long that we would but getting to the tipy-top two and a half hours later. But it did not matter. Paris is called the city of lights for a reason! The weather quickly started to drop in temperature so as we were waiting in line we both got hot coco and basked in the beauty of being directly under one of the most iconic architectural structures in the world! It was pretty mind blowing and amusing!

Finally, we made it to the elevators! The ride up with the coolest experience ever even though it was a little bit terrifying! I don’t have a fear of heights at all but when you are packing into an all windowed elevator with 50+ people a lot of scary images can play through ones mind…or maybe that is just me! (haha) As we reached the first floor we walked around the entire platform. I thought this was the highest it went and was a little underwhelmed because I thought we’d be higher! But I was wrong! There were two more levels above us! Wahooo! Take me to the top I said to my boyfriend! And, that is exactly where we went! All the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower1 It was the most thrilling experience! From the top you can see ALL of Paris. Seeing it made me feel like I was in a storybook. There was even a kissing section which we obviously took part in (but the person who took our photo did not take it well. I took their photo well! That always happens! haha) and a champagne bar which we would have indulged in if I wasn’t still sick! No booze on antibiotics! I did not want to leave



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