Versailles – the little french town I have been wanting to visit my entire life – even more than Paris! I would always tell people that if I had a choice to go to Paris or Versailles I would choose Versailles in a heart beat! Why? Well, I am an art lover and the genre of art that encapsulates the Chateau des Versailles is Rococo, my all time favorite. I have always been in love with art, movies and books that took place during the 18th century and in my mind going to Versailles would be as if I were back there sipping champagne and running around in a hoop skirt with french poodles all around me, wearing the biggest white wig adorned with flowers! I am very fantastical, I know! But, going to Versailles was honestly my dream come true!

Arriving to the palace I was a bit underwhelmed since there is a big tourist and bus parking lot right in front. I imagined it as if we would be entering through the woods like I had seen in all of the movies that took place there. I didn’t realize that it would have been an industrialized town like everywhere else. To me Versailles was preserved dating back to the 17oo’s. AS I continued to walk the grounds, I was hopeful that my time capsule would be waiting for me inside. As we stood waiting in line to enter, my heart was beating so fast. I couldn’t believe I was standing on the same grounds as Marie Antoinette! I had to pinch myself. The experience of being present on this historical site just became greater and greater! Walking through the palace was an extraordinary experience. The rooms and decor are larger than life and as ornate and beautiful as you could ever dream of. There was no detail left un-imagined. It was funny however, that all of the rooms be it bedrooms, lounges or offices were all attached by doors. So, one had to walk through each room to get to another. I guess there wasn’t very much privacy, unless there were exits and entrances we were not privy to! After a few hours of roaming around the palace we finally arrived to the room of dreams- THE HALL OF MIRRORS!!! AHH, What a beautiful sight to see in person! In all of the films and advertisements the Hall of Mirrors look like a dream! But, being inside of it was absolutely overwhelming in the best of ways! My heart began to pound and my eye filled up with tears! All I wanted to do was to tell everyone they had to leave so I could have the whole room to myself. My wishes came true (well for the most part) when a few minutes later most of the crowd had left and I was able to roam around freely taking picture, after picture, after picture! I felt as if I were a french princess roaming around my castle looking at myself in all of the mirrors wondering when the next soiree would be! As we left we exited the palace and decided to roam around in the gardens! Oh my goodness, now this is artistic landscaping if I ever saw it! The size of all of the shrubbery with its ornate designs and larger than life fountains was truly out of a fairy-tale. Unfortunately, I went to Versailles off season so the fountains were not working and the gardens were not in full bloom. However, it was still magical to witness everything. Walking around all of the gardens and getting lost was one of my most favorite parts of the day! I kept trying to imagine myself as a princess wondering around the palace grounds.

In between all of this walking around we built up an appetite. So, we headed back to the palace and got lunch at Angelina. It was the cutest cafe! Never did I ever think in my wildest dreams that I would be dining inside the Palace of Versailles! Something on my bucket list definitely was checked off in that moment!

We stayed till closing, until they started to kick us out. Upon leaving the best sight occurred. A man in full 18th century royal garb  was outside smoking a cigarette! All I wanted all day was to see someone dressed as if they were part of the era of Versailles’ creation! My wish came true! The even cooler thing is that they were filming the Ovation series Versailles inside the entire time we were there! No, if only Knew this so I could have sneaked on set and claimed to have been an extra (wink wink)….

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