DISNEYLAND – The Happiest Place On Earth

Oh Disney Land!!! It is to be said that it is the happiest place on earth! I would have to agree with that! I was surprised with a day trip to Disney Land Paris for one of my birthday gifts and it was such a fun filled day – so much that I hardly took any photos. I never had the opportunity to go to Disney World as a kid because I was too sick with Lyme Disease so having the chance to go on this day was an even extra special treat. For those that know me I am the biggest kid at heart!

We arrived to the park around 10am and were welcomed by a beautifully decorated Halloween themed village. Who could do Halloween any better than Disney, right? As we took to the park like two kids who just ate a bucket of candy corn the first ride I wanted to find was “Its a small world after all…(sings song over and over again)” After a long walk we found it and it was the sweetest ride ever! It was exactly as I expected. Little lifelike figurines designed to be of all cultures from all over the word representing their country and singing in their native tongue. It was actually a stunning display of world unity and love. If only the world was like this ride. After, my 2nd must go to ride Alice and Wonderland’s Tea Cups. Waiting on line for an hour was definitely worth it. The little girl in me was screaming out such joy! Whirling around in a big pink tea cup was as lots of fun – making it go faster and faster! I wish the ride was longer than what seemed to be 45 seconds. I could have done this all day! Well maybe just for five more minutes. After the tea cups we went on a merry go round which was super fun – I love merry go rounds!

Now, the worst part of my day was when we went to what I thought was the tower of terror. I confused it with the Haunted Mansion. The entire walk up and massive line to wait to get in I was freaking out like a baby. I don’t like big rides or roller coasters so theme parks are usually not my cup of tea (accept if they have tea cup rides haha) I was even texting with my best friend as we waiting in line telling her I was about to die at Disney Land giving her full permission to access my closet if I don’t return home! As we entered the mansion a very loud and spooky gentleman lead us all into a very large room shortly after the doors shut and the lights went off and I was literally holding, squeezing,and  grabbing onto my boyfriend for dear life crying “are you going to drop? SERIOUSLY I NEED TO KNOW!! ARE WE GOING TO DROP!” with tears in my eyes! He was laughing at me the whole time saying, “Dara, there are kids in here, if this was a scary ride they wouldn’t be in here!” But, him saying this did not penetrate – I was completely convinced we were in the tower of terror and that this dark room was going to drop 100miles per hour! I was severely panicking – but to my delight and extreme embarrassment the doors opened and a trolley of cars revealed itself that lead into the coolest ride ever! Being called a chicken for the rest of the week was an understatement and quickly became my nickname! Oh boy, I was so embarrassed and so silly for not realizing that there were children on this ride! But I laughed it off and wanted to go on the ride all over again! Isn’t that usually how it works out? We spent the rest of the day watching the Halloween Parade, eating lunch, and just being kids in the happiest place on earth!I must say, it was very interesting hearing all of my favorite Disney songs translated to french and how the voices of characters I am familiar with were very different. Accept Lumiere, his voice was basically the same! (laughs)

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