An American In Paris: Oh La La Louvre, Place De La Concorde & Avenue Montaigne, Tour Eiffel

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So, I decided to make this blog post a bit more pictorial than literary since I have so many fabulous photos I want to share with you all from this remarkable day. I like to think of it as my photo diary through Paris… anyway….


ShoesNine West , Coat–Forever 21, PurseJules Kae, Dress – Eloquii, TightsHUE

After window shopping around town we headed to the Louvre. We entered through the Jardin des Tuileries which even on the cloudiest of days was one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever seen. The Jardin des Tuileries is a garden/park that surrounds the Louvre which was once the Palais Royal. Walking along the path that lead to the Louvre I loved seeing the street artists selling their work and this one man who I called “The Pigeon Man” herding his flock of pigeons as if he were choreographing a dance; The Pigeon Dance instead of the Chicken Dance! Haha. It was pretty cool to witness. Walking towards the arc that lead into the grounds of the Louvre my heart beat began getting faster and faster. I have wanted to come here my entire life, and seeing the museum in all of its glory felt unbelievably surreal. I simultaneously felt as if I was there before and if I had never been. (strange feeling) I kept having to ground myself to actually realize I was there. When we got to the campus we did what bloggers (cough cough, tourists) do naturally…took pictures and lots of them!


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I’ve never been one to partake in ultra touristy activities when traveling. I prefer to do things as the locals do. But sometimes you just need to go all out and be the tourist your heart desires. I chose to act in this fashion at the Louvre. I’ve wanted to come here for as long as I can remember, mostly to see the art and catching a glimps of Michelangelo’s portrait of a subtly smiling Mona Lisa. However, I couldn’t leave without taking photos by the pyramids and pond. Another Louvre photo opp that I needed to fulfill like a kid at Disney World taking a photo with Mickey Mouse, was standing on one of the platforms and pretending to touch the tip of the pyramid. (giggles) And, guess what?  I DID IT LIKE A PRO! (more giggles) I will be honest, being in a dress and trying to step up on the 3.5 foot pillar was not an easy task and getting down was even worse. But, it was probably really funny to watch. My favorite moment was when I pretended to act like a Degas ballerina because degas is my favorite artist. When at the Louvre….right? I will say however, to our surprise and dissapointment the Louvre was closed the day we went and I did not get to see the Mona Lisa or any of the artwork I had been so excited to see. Oh Well, I’ll just have to go next time…

Seine, Musée d’Orsay, and Le pont des Arts (You know, the Lock Bridge!)


As we kept touring I really wanted to take a walk along the Seine! I kept picturing myself as Leslie Caron in my all time favorite movie “An American in Paris” or as one of the characters in the Woody Allen film, “Midnight in Paris“. It was really pretty to see the contrast of the fall clouds and bright colors of the trees reflecting off the river.  To my left was the Musée d’Orsay, another museum I really wanted to go to but did not have the time to on this trip. As we kept walking I asked my beau where the lock bridge was and if we were near by. It just so happened that we were only a 7-10 minute walk from it so on we went in search of Le Pont des Arts (also known to us Americans as the lock bridge) I knew they had taken most, if not all the locks off of the bridge a few months before my visit. The reason for that is because of the weight of the locks destroying the infrastructure of the bridge (which is kind of scary). But, I was happy to see that people are still keeping the tradition alive by locking their love to the bridge. It’s a pretty romantic gesture, if I do say so myself or maybe it is for a non-Parisienne. I must add that Le Pont de Arts did have a very beautiful view of Paris. I needed a moment to rest so I just leaned on the wall basking in the beauty of the Seine and thinking to myself, “Dara, you are actually here!”, as I did many, many, many times on this trip and thinking how much fun and what an extraordinary time I was purely having with the company I was with. After, we walked back to the Jardin des Tuileries to head towards Champs Elysee and stumbled upon a part of the park that I kept asking about, but did not know how to explain at all, since I’ve only seen it in photographs! It was the nicest surprise and I was in pure awe! We stopped and sat on a bench for a little while to enjoy the parks surroundings and plan the rest of the evening. While sitting on the bench we were across from a group of teenage boys who were all complaining about girls. Girls they were dating, girls they had crushes on, or girls that were giving them hard times about everything under the sun. It was really funny to see that the same teenage shenanigans happen all over the world. It put a smile on my face and I thought it precious. I wanted to interject with a joke but then realized they would have had zero idea of what I was saying. I can understand a lot of french but I can’t speak very well….I’m learning, I’m learning!

Place De La Concorde (You know, where Ann Hathaway tossed her phone into the fountain at the end of The Devil Wears Prada! Yes, I went there, No I didn’t toss my phone!)418915bc-bcb9-43da-a89c-841763e8afa0

Okay my lovely readers, If you have gotten this far I am super impressed with you and you deserve a crescent! (giggles) So, there’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. The only person that really knew about this is my mom. I was a soon to be freshman at FIT when the movie The Devil Wears Prada came out and it was the best “Welcome to New York” movie that could have been made. Timing on this could not have been more perfect. So, you know at the end of the movie Andie and Miranda go to Paris for Paris Fashion Week and then Andie quits her job by throwing her ever so annoyingly ringing cell phone into the fountain? Well, I have always wanted to reenact this scene. I have no idea why, but I always found it super dramatic and funny at the same time! hmm? Anyway, as we walked through Les Jardin des Tuileries up to Les Place De La Concorde I started smiling so hard my face almost cracked. YOU GUYS!!! I CAN NOW THROW MY CELL PHONE INTO THE FOUNTAIN!!!!! Okay, well not really! I thought about faking it for a picture but then realized with my luck, I would have accidentally dropped it and then in that moment I would kissed goodbye my entire day…trip…year…life? (giggles) But taking photos by the fountain was just as good for me. There are many of fountains in the Place De La Concorde that are larger than life and utterly beautiful. I couldn’t get enough and did not want to leave this area! It was so beautiful and I can’t wait to go back again! Maybe this time I’ll take an old cell phone and reenact the scene…I just don’t want to get arrested in doing so! (hahahaha)

Avenue Montaigne – CHANEL, CELINE, GUCCI…OH MY!

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As we walked and walked and walked some more, we landed at Avenue Montaigne – the most glorious street any fashion enthusiast would have utter couture cardiac arrest at. It was like being on Madison Ave and Rodeo Drive but with more polish and panache! There is nothing more I can really say about this street other that it is absolutely beautiful. I had fun exploring the different designer shops and being treated to personal tours by a sales person of what the hottest selling items were and what the hottest items from the last collections were. It was rather special and I enjoyed every minute of it. Even though I have been to these stores in the states, something about going into a Chanel in Paris amplified its ambiance to me! It felt more authentic. If only I could have gone on a shopping spree, but hey…a girls gotta eat right? Or maybe I should have cashed in all my money for that Chanel I had been eyeing?….life is rough!! (hahaha)


Avenue Montaigne was beautiful but it was almost 6pm and the shops were closing. So on we went towards more fun. We walked around a lot and as it got darker I started to see a very bright beam circling the sky. I knew at that moment it was the Eiffel Tower. My beau told me that’s where we were walking to and I was so surprised. He wanted me to see it for my very first time at night. At this point we were about a 15-20 minute walk from away and my feet and legs were on fire from walking around for almost six hours non stop. So, we decided to hop in a taxi because there was no way I’d be able to enjoy myself the rest of the night if I kept walking. While in the taxi we passed the Moulin Rouge and the Arc de Triumph. While at a traffic light I was asking the cab driver not to move since I needed to take a picture of the Arc de Triumph. My beau was laughing at me because I completely forgot that the taxi driver probably didn’t speak English and I was just begging away saying “PLEASE DO NOT MOVE THE CAR!!! I NEED TO GET THIS PHOTO!! OKAY…..ONE MORE….OKAY…We’re good!  You can go now!!” But I think he got the point since I was so loud! But hey, I needed to get my shot, which I did. Thank you taxi driver for stopping and probably thinking I am a crazy American! For the rest of the car ride, I was not allowed to look out the window and had to sit facing inward so I would not see the Eiffel Tower by car. It was a very sweet gesture and I am so glad my beau did this. So for the rest of the car ride I was basically sitting side-saddle, but it didn’t stop there. As we got out of the taxi I had to walk the entire way with my eyes closed. That was pretty terrifying since the streets were packed and knowing me, I’d trip, fall and break my ankle. (laughs) But my beau held my hand, lead the way allowing me to arrive at the Eiffel Tower in one piece. As we got to the pavilion after walking up a few steps blindly, he told me to close my eyes and stand here. He had me stand there for what felt like 10 minutes but I know it was only about 30 seconds. He then said, “OPEN YOUR EYES!!” and so I did. The Eiffel tower was sparkling in full effect and it was the most magical moment thus far in Paris! We stopped to take some pictures and walked closer and closer to the Eiffel Tower till we were standing underneath it. On the way I found a carousel that I just had to stop and look at. I love carousels. At this time it was around 8PM and the line to go to the top was too long so we decided to go on a river cruise instead. Although freezing, was so much fun and a nice way to enjoy the city of lights by water. Towards the middle of the tour we got glasses of champagne. Yes, it was really nice however I am really glad my beau was the first to state how horrible the champagne tasted. I didn’t want to be rude so I kept taking the tiniest sips possible to make it look as if I was drinking it. But we both laughed when realizing how rancid it tasted then tossed it into the Seine! Yuck! I never knew Champagne could taste so terrible. You live and learn, I guess. (haha) On the boat there was a concession stand that sold food that had a sign for Manhattan Hot Dogs and this made me giggle. Taking in all of the sights and being educated about the monuments being shown was a real treat and I am so happy we did this!


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Afterwards we headed to dinner, that was super comforting and delicious! I don’t remember the name of the restaurant but it felt just like home. It had a very young professional, after work scene that was really refreshing and the food was really good, too! We sat there for a long time talking about the day and so much more. After, one of the groups of friends dining at the restaurant decided to close the place down with a dance party that was very fun to watch. We would have joined in if our feet weren’t hurting us so much! It was now about 1am and our tired feet needed to get to sleep because we were heading to DISNEY LAND in the morning…..

xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

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