An American in Paris: À Colette Nous Allons (To Colette We Go) 

img_1544It was my first day actually feeling like myself and not jet  lagged at all. I was craving a hamburger so we went to a really delicious “American Bistro” called Razowski. To start we ordered the nachos which said came with salsa, cheese and guacamole. I was expecting it to be a plate of nacho chips with all of the toppings melted over it but it was a very cute plate of nacho chips with small cups of each on the side. Although it wasn’t what I was expected, it was very good. I guess this is how they do nachos in Paris. After we ordered burgers.  I ordered the Bleu cheeseburger, as per usual. That is my all time favorite cheese burger. I was expecting it to be covered in really strong bleu cheese but it came with a very light bleu cheese sauce on the side that was pretty tasty. I just wanted more bleu cheese though. All I wanted to do in Paris was eat all the bleu cheese I could, and I thought this would be the start of a cheesy adventure. I was told that most Frenchmen do not like bleu cheese because it is too strong. (whatever….give me the stinky cheese!!! haha) The pomme frites were some of the best I’ve ever had, too. Very, Very, Very good! The whole meal was delicious and I did not want it to end! After sitting, relaxing and talking about everything under the sun we realized that the time had passed us by more quickly than we had hoped for. So we quickly got up and proceeded to walk around and take in the city on the 1st sunny day since I arrived.


ShoesNine West , Coat–Forever 21, PurseJules Kae, Dress – Eloquii, TightsHUE

There were a bunch of attractions on the list for the day. The first location of the day after lunch was going to Rue Saint Honore. Here, we walked around and visited the beautiful designer shops. As we were walking and my beau was holding my camera enjoying taking some pictures of the city, he stopped me right in front of Dior and said look at the camera. I was looking around at every little detail but my back was facing the Dior sign so I had no idea. He just knew I’d want a few photographs in front of the store and he was 100% right. So we stopped a bit and had a mini photo shoot. It was very cute and I really like how the photos turned out! I would have really liked it if the store front said “Dara” – replacing the “IOR” with “ARA”, but hopefully one day that will be a reality! (giggles) Seeing my first official Dior boutique in Paris was a real treat.

For a few weeks prior to arriving in Paris, all I said was I wanted to go was go to Colette and surprisingly enough, once I arrived in Paris I forgot all about it. This was pretty strange because I’ve been wanting to visit this concept store for as long as I can remember.  However, my beau did not forget this!  During our walk when he asked me if I still wanted to go to Colette, I was in such shock that I forgot about it that I became very upset with myself and said “YES, Oh My Gosh, Hooooooow could I forget this??? Where is it? Can we go? Can we go?” in a very excited manner. I think I even started to jump up and down . As we turned the corner my beau replied, “Well of course, Dara!  Its what I had scheduled all along… I was talking you here in the first place….Welcome to Colette!!!!!“, as it stood right next to me when we turned the corner! I was so excited I almost cried tears of joy! It was such a wonderful surprise and just made a day that was already so perfect even more special.

Colette was filled with the most unique novelties, books, records, magazines, contemporary and luxury merchandise ranging from home, apparel, accessories, shoes, beauty, stationary, food, you name it! There were so many great finds but my favorites are photographed below. Not everything I loved the most was photographed though, I will admit I was yelled at for taking some pictures. Oh, well! At least I was able to take a few to share with all of you! Right? Right! How fun are the books, mostly fashion related and the Bon Appetite plates made me smile from ear to ear! The sunglasses photographed below are so much more beautiful in person, I can’t even begin to explain it to you! I think I stood by the counter longer than most would! (giggles) But what really tickled my heart strings was finding two felted clutches that were laying side by side on a bottom shelf of a display which was almost floor level. One was with patches of New York City landmarks and the other with Paris landmarks. I just found this to be very ironic since most would have just walked past them but my eye caught them. It felt very symbolic to me since I’m a NYC girl in Paris, my Parisian beau and I met in NYC and now we are meeting again in Paris. It made me smile very much! I wanted to buy them but they were outrageously out of my budget. I could have gotten two pairs of earrings at Chanel for what both cost collectively! Maybe next time….but I’m getting the Chanel first! (giggles)

As we continued to walk around this magical store going up stairs looked like fun. There was an exhibit of fashion and fashion photography all about esteemed and most emulated American photographer, Arthur Elgort.  His style of photography changed the way the industry saw fashion allowing endless possibilities of what fashion photography could be and how we know it today. It was great to see such a talented American celebrated in Paris.

As we left the store we headed to the Louvre!




xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

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