Dara’s Sent Style: Under Cover Lover


This summer most definitely has had some of the hottest days we have seen in a while. Some days have been record-breaking. When the heat rises to such heights we all generally try to take cover in the shade or ideally in a meat locker-esque air conditioned room. I know I do! It’s not cool sweating off your perfectly applied makeup or blowout in 101 degrees Fahrenheit.  Many of us wonder what we can wear in this sweltering heat while still staying modest and chic. For me, I’m not the biggest fan of shorts so finding pants that feel like a second skin (without being athleasure pants) are best. The reason behind me not liking to wear shorts or skirts when it is super hot out is because of the same problem many of us women encounter, no matter our size, that reason is zero thigh gab. You can figure out the rest from here…img_7080

img_7084So, because I’m a lover and not a hater and because taking cover in the heat is very important, this crisp white  “Under Cover Lover” graphic tee from Forever 21 had me feeling cool as a cucumber on this very hot, hot, hot summer day!

What is better than doing street style shots in the heat? (honestly anything…but shhh…hopefully my secret is safe with all of you! Giggles) Anyway, the answer is … wearing some of my favorite lux accessories that give major color pop love which keeps me going all day long! Wahooo!

Pairing a plain white or a super fun sequins embellished T-shirt paired with a classic pair of skinny jeans, fun pumps, fabulous sunglasses and sparkly jewels; a girl-on-the-go can never go wrong no matter the weather!

As many of you know, my go to philosophy that I was taught at a very young age is to always have a healthy balance of inexpensive pieces that you can frill up with fancy and luxury items. This will allow you to dress stylishly where no one will ever know which item cost you the most. I know you can be that “under cover” style star that you are! Shine Bright – just not directly in the sun! img_7079


GRAPHIC T-SHIRT by Forever 21 – SKINNY JEANS by Forever 21  – SHOES by Valentino  – BAG by Chanel– BRACELETS by Hermes (White BangleBlack Bangle) SUNGLASSES by Dolce & Gabbana (similar by Oscar De La Renta)EARRINGS  by H&M / (similar by  Bauble Bar)



xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

Location: New York City – West Vilage

Photography – Leckie Roberts @WestVillageWasp







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