NicholasK-F16-RW-74Thursday, February 11th 2016 was the official start to New York Fashion Week – and who better to kick it off ( at 9AM in fashion week tradition) than Nicholas K. Design duo Nicholas and Christopher Kunz started off our morning and week making us feel like kick-ass runway warriors for fall 2016 – ready for the battle of the week ahead! True to form designs were styled in a nomadic way yet with an even more glamorous hand that we are not used to seeing from this brand. It was a very monochromatic collection using colors that we’d find in the desert such as mauve, black, smoke, dust, iris, and amethyst to name a few.

Luxurious leather skull caps, hand carved hair picks, high waisted belts,  leather knuckle and arm guards, with Moroccan-esque slippers allowed for the well tailored and free flowing garments to pop. There was a great contrast of structure and drapery that Nicholas K. masters each and every season. They have mastered it so well that it was surprising to see how all the layers fit so well, without anything out of place or without looking overly compacted into the models. In fact, with all of the draping that was going on, the collection gave the illusion that many of the garments were slim fitting. This technique is very hard to master and they did it with ease, beauty and sex appeal while still being utilitarian. There were a number of military-inspired belts that adorned zippered pockets, over sized coats, cross body bags and wristlets, along with over-sized scarves and ponchos that gave this collection its relaxed feel. Off the shoulder gowns were draped to perfection looking extremely comfortable and chic!

We definitely want all of the accessories and over-sized ponchos and caftans next fall!

xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders







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