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It is always a treat attending Jay Godfrey’s presentations. I always look forward to seeing his wonderful collections and watching his adorable little girls look up to the super models wearing their daddy’s designs. It’s really an adorable sight. Fro Hay’s fall 2016 presentation on February 11th was no different and it was pure joy! I had the chance to interview the designer backstage (photos above) about his collection for fall. Jay explained how his collection was created after the simplicity of Asian draping and design. When I asked him if his daughters have influence on what he designs each season he explained how they are always looking at what he designs and have their own play and opinions on what he should do and he listens to them many times. They after all are his biggest inspiration. As far as his favorite season to design for, Fall would have to be his choice for the amount of layering and textile combinations are endless. The fabrics ad colors are richer and the textures are more complex which allows for him to be more creative. I would have to agree, very strongly!

Set to a backdrop of disco and rock music; Godfrey showed a collection of beautiful body-conscious dresses and jumpsuits in rich jewel tones. (mostly navy, nude tones, deep magenta and a rich forest green) Contrary to his statement about loving the layering aspect of the fall season, Jay Godfrey’s collection for Fall 2016 was very sexy with lots o off the shoulder, sleeveless, and cutouts with a variety of necklines that included plunging v-necks to halters done in a very minimalist way. It almost felt as if he was designing for the woman who is from the north who was taking a vacation to a warmer climate during the winter months. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that at all! We all need that diversity in our wardrobe, right? RIGHT! A favorite look was a blue number that consisted of a a haltered ruffled neckline top with a matching pair of wide legged pants and a green caped jumpsuit with wide leg bottoms, as well.

Bravo Jay!

xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

Photography by Cindy You








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