Day Two was underway and boy was is a fun one! I rarely wear dresses. It’s not because I don’t like dresses…in fact I love dresses very much. It is just very are to find dresses that fit my body shape well. I have a very narrow waist and very wide hips. Plus I’m busty! It’s the hardest trifecta of body shapes to have together. Most clothing companies design dresses in the opposite formation. SO, when finding dresses that fit my shape…I grab them! In this case, Eloquii’s Tribal Print Shirt Dress was perfection. I paired it with fun accessories from PONO by Joan Goodman, Dara Senders, Marie Odile for Soltek, and Sheep Shades.

It was a somber day in New York City. It was the 14th Anniversary of September 11th. To my surprise most of the shows did not even mention this tragic day let alone have a moment of silence before the shows (which I heard was mandated…I guess that was just another rumor.) Everywhere you turned there were multiples of police cars and national guard men and women which made for an uneasy feeling. As I was walking to a few shows FBI agents with bomb sniffing dogs surrounded the venue I was walking to, only for security precautions, but it still made me feel sad and uncomfortable knowing how much of a shame it is that the world we live is has resulted to all of this. Yes, I’m happy the security is there to protect us but I’m equally sad that there needs to be such a high demand for it!

Trekking around New York City on this very hot pre-fall day was anything but fun. It was hot, there was tons of traffic, but knowing I was headed to lots of shows that were sure to have great collections by it’s designers is what kept me moving. First stop of the day was Zimmermann; a collection that I fondly look forward to each and every season. This took place at Artbeam Studios in meatpacking. After that I headed to Clarkson Sq. Studios for the Karigam show which was really spectacularly designed. Later that evening was Zang Toi at Moynihan Station, the show I most look forward to every season; without a doubt! (I changed for this show)





Photography: Nat Girsberger


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