_AG29274_426x639Glitter, sequins, embroidered patches, neon plastic chains, childish Messein monkeys and fluorescent numbers were spotted all over Johnson Hartig’s LA fashion based Libertine catwalk at New York Fashion Week. The Gallery at Skylight Clarkson square was full with people of all ages dressed in leather jackets with the words “Libertine” or “La Joie de Vivre” embroidered on the back. The atmosphere consisted of neon lights and pop music that filled the room as I made my way to my front row seat.
Libertine’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection pulled inspiration from different artists such as Blinkly Palermo as well as echoed the rock ‘n’ roll trend present in the Fall/Winter 2015 collections from high-tops to joggers and bomber jackets. The runway was filled with ripped stalkings, plastic neon chains on bracelets and shoes, $1 strap on bracelets and neon color
Not to forget the men on the runway, who sported neon colors, animal prints, male leggings and purses and jumpsuits. The garments were a clear continuation of the androgynous trend going on now a days mixed with symbols of power through animal prints. This was displayed through animal prints such as cheetah’s and jaguar’s that obviously reign the animal kingdom.
Much like the designs, the show in itself was one of a kind. The show ended with all the models storming down the runway dancing with their iPhones while taking selfies, standing on each others’ shoulders or skipping hand in hand. It’s luxury meets punk rock – it’s brave and bold.

xoxo SVEVA MARCANGELI – The Style Senders Contributor.

Photos Courtesy: Vogue.com

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