Recipe Time: GreenTea Lemonade Ice Pops

What is better in the warm spring and summer months than snacking on something refreshing and palate cleansing? Not too much!  I love tea and I love lemons and if you’ve been out and about in the newest food & drink fad/trend arena you have most definitely heard of the new craze of drinking lemon water. Its an ongoing argument among doctors and consumers if its true health/weightloss attributes, but I know from drinking it myself that I feel lighter, more cleansed, and healthier.

 If you want a fun alternative to this, I’ve got one for you…soon you’ll be setting the trend with all of your friends, too. What is it you may, wonder? Well, if you didn’t skip over the title of this post – you know what kind of recipe we’re diving into now! Let me introduce to you “my recipe” for GreenTea Lemonade Ice Pops!!! :::does a little happy dance:::


• 1 quart container or measuring cup filled up 3/4 of the way with water.

• 1/2 cup of lemon juice (freshly squeezed or store bought. Store bought it faster and easier for making all the time in bigger quantities)

• 3 TBSP of sugar or your favorite sweetener. 

• 3/4 cup of water in a microwaveable mug

• Two Bags of Green Tea (Decaf is best but Regular works well too)

• Ice Pop Molds


Pour 1 cup of lemon juice and 3 TBLSP of sugar into the water. Stir till sugar is disolved.

• In a microwaveable mug pour 3/4 cup if water into it and place the two tea bags into the mug.

• Put into Microwave for 1.5 minutes till tea bags are bubbling and hot.

• Let the tea bags steep for 3minutes.

• Once done, pour the green tea into the lemonade mixture.

• Place the tea bags in the lemonade mixture and dip up and down a few times. Then squeez the remainder of the tea bag into mixture.

• Stir till all blended. 

• Gather your ice pop molds and pour the iced tea lemonade into each mold (you can use ice trays with popsicle sticks too)

• Place them into the freezer till Frozen!

• Voilah!! You’re GreenTea Lemonade Ice Pops are ready to be devoured!   

  You Can make this recipe using any kind of tea including other flavored teas. Another great tra to use is a mint or peppermint tea. But when using these kinds of teas you’ll want to lessen the amount of lemon juice used. Other great tea options are apple, peach, cinnamon,  and pomegranate. 
I’d love to see how you make this recipe! Share it with me on social media and you’ll be entered to be featured on my INSTAGRAM! @TheStyleSenders #stylesenders

Bonne Appetite my little summer chefs!!
xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders 

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