CHANEL N°5  In A New Light – A Sensorial Discovery. 


From May 7th through the 17th Chanel set up shop in s very unique way underneath the HighLine in the Meatpacking District of New York City to honor and promote their new take on the world nenown parfumé Chanel N°5. The new addition to the N°5 collection is titled Eau Premiêre. 

On May, 16th – a gloomy Saturday afternoon I drove into the city with my parents to view the Chanel N° 5In A New Light exhibit, thanks to my friend Martha. The lines were long but because we had a ticket it was faster for us to go inside. As we waited in line I ran into a college friend who I excitingly ran into the night before while at a friends birthday party. It was a fun surprise. As we became closer the enterance of the exhibit a french gentleman began to explain the reason behind the experience we were about to partake in. Right after we walked into a very dark room as we made our way up the ramp we were greeted by an image of Gabriella “Coco” Chanel with a faint recording of her voice that we coukd only hear if we stood in an exact spot.  


After this we made our way into a larger room that was illuminated by low to the grown water pools which were extremely beautifully interactive. Each pool had a screen thatwas censored  the wave of ones hand. When we would wave our hands over the the screen in a circular motion the digital blossoms that were floating would bloom and spread away leaving a black circle with white lettering explaining details about the perfume. It was simply magicle.  

After this, in the same room we were lead to another box that was low to the ground that had light beams coming down from the ceiling in all different directions. Each light beam matched a round illiminated disc that was sitting in the box. When one would put their hand through it it would make a musical bell sound that represented a signular note in the perfume. As this happened the note would illuminate the wall. For example, when I ran my hand through one light beam the word Vanilla lit up on the wall, and so on. Each scent in a perfume is called a note. So the way Chanel incorporated music to explain how the perfume sounds when one would run their hand through all of the light beams at one time, was a stroke of pure creative genius!   

 Behind the music was a peice of art work that from most angles looked like glass squares suspended by wire. But, if you stood directly infront of it, it became the full image of a  Chanel N°5 bottle. So creative!  


As we left this room we walked into a very bright white room that at first glance was hard for the eyes to adjust to. As we got closer to the center of the room another guide took us closer to a brightly illuminated white life size cut out of a Chanel N°5 perfume bottle. It felt as if we were walking towards an infinite abyss of white light with nothing but that in sight. The guide had us stand very close to the opening of the wall as a light myst of the perfume Eau Premiêre magically captivated our sences. It was beautiful. 

  At the end of the exhibit sat a very long table for some arts and crafts fun! And what could be better than arts and crafts with CHANEL? Hmmm….I’m not quite sure. At this table were lots of blank post cards with a bottle of perfume printed on it. Each guest had the opportunity to create post cards with a number if different Chanel stampd and an array of ink pads. Guests could either takethem  home as a souvenir or mail them to their loved ones anywhere in the world – its the Chanel Post, everyone! The array of post cards you see before you below, are the ones I created and decided to take home. Itsnot every day you get to design your own chanel merchandise, now is it? However, I do with I made a few extra to send to my friends because I know they would have loved it but time was pressing on.       

As we left we were given samples of Eau Premiêre which was very nice. We also had the opportunity to compare and contrast the origional Chanel N°5 to its new sister perfume. The difference is subtle but very pronounced at the same time. Eau Premiêre is a little sweeter, floral and muskier/powdery than the origional. Both fragrancesare equally as beautiful. 




    It was such a wonderful day spent with my Mom experiencing CHANEL in “A New Light” It is a day I will always remember – a once in a life time experience that will be forever cherished! Thank you CHANEL for the lovely day! 

xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

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