I love a good day of fun arts and crafts! I mean, who doesn’t love it when they can create their very own special work of art? Mixing and matching colors and meduims to bring an idea to life; it’s what makes art so fun. Anyhoo, for the Saturday & Sunday Funday part of my mom’s birthday I had the idea of taking mom to MAKE; an arts and crafts meca where one can design their own candle, paint pottery, create glass works of art, make soap, or decorate a cake! Mom is very artistic and creative so I knew she would love it! Especially since we used to go to Color Me Mine in Summit, NJ – All the time when I was a kid. 

At MAKE we decided to each make our own candle and decorate a cake together. It was fun deciding on which wax colors we wanted to use and how we wanted to shape them. They also offered premade shapes such as lips, sunglasses, ice cream cones, hearts, fleur de lis, stars, shoes, and many more to design your candle with. It was such a fun evening of creativity and really great music. The music piped through the speakers took me back to my childhood with many if the songs being by the Spice Girls, Nsync, 98°, Hanson, Brian McNight, Backstreet Boys, Dream, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore and so on. I felt as if I were 10-15 again! It was fabulous! The staff was friendly, very helpful, and encouraging towards their customers which was a plus.

Another little treat was that Saturday night is considered “Adult Night” where 21+’s can come and enjoy the MAKE facilities by bringing drinks (BYOB) and snacks while painting pottery with friends and family at a special rate! It’s super fun!! 




So, what do you think of the cake? I may have a new career in cake decorating, huh? Haha.

To find out more about MAKE visit www.makemeaning.com

Xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders


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