Photo Mar 01, 2 14 26 PMEntering Lupe Gajardo’s Fall/Winter2015 runway show, I was unsure what to expect, but as I exited the show I walked away knowing that what I saw would forever be engrained in my mind as one of the most eclectic, and appreciated collections I witnessed this past Fashion Week. What Lupe had to offer this season was so different and so unmatched.

According to the program for the collection, Lupes inspiration hailed from “Birds, the homeless, the streets, dressing out of necessity, beauty of authenticity and the unpretentious”. Lupe’s collection was tactfully created from recycled denim patches which were creatively turned into pants, and jackets, coffee sacks spun into one of a kind perfectly curve-hugging pencil skirts held together by safety pins, organic cottons which created beautifully flowing maxi dresses. The addition of perfectly placed feathers fashioned into intricate capes, dresses, and necklines was a highlight. Although Lupe may not have been following the typical rules of fashion, her judgment and rebelliousness to bindings definitely catapulted her into creating some of the most awe-inspiring looks seen on the runway.


By Sara Bistritz – Contributor


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    I like Lupe designs a lot. She is almost all I like in clothing. She have the trend in her soul, she creates moths before it even starts to be a trend in reality, and she is not searching the trendsetting, she just flows. And the collection of Lupe in NYFW…amazing, recycled jeans? Awesome! Organic cotton? bravo! but then the leather and feathers… sad, those animal sourced elements stain with blood and suffering what could’ve be an example of consciousness. Maybe in future collections we will see 100% genius in this or other designers. The 100% vegan is the future; I have no doubt about it. Wake up world! 🙂

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