Displaying 10712834_10152082813274649_6078514486379114912_n.jpgOn September 24th La Perla recently opened its doors to the second new boutique in Paris, France – a fashion capital of the world which complements its historic counterpart in Faubourg St. Honorè. The new boutique is located in the Rive Gauche chic heart at the crossing of Carrefour de la Croix Rouge and the prestigious Rue de Grenelle. The boutique celebrated its grand opening with an ultra feminine cocktail party hosting special guests such as the actresses Emmanuelle Beart, Emmanuelle Saignier, Melanie Thierry, Dolores Chaplin, Pauline Lefèvre and celebrity guests such as the writer Amanda Sthers. The new design for the La Perla boutiques is product of architect Roberto Baciocchi, founder of the internationally renowned architectural studio which is located in in Arezzo. He also designs all of the stores for Prada, Miu Miu and Church’s. Displaying 10386392_10152082812894649_8591293077268329573_n (1).jpg

One of the main features of the new La Perla project is the gateway in front of the fitting rooms: a symbolic element that marks this space devoted to intimacy, creating an exclusive place in which femininity reigns. The fitting rooms, featuring amethyst-colored walls, are defined by back-lit tulle paneling which creates a light, mellow and comfortable space for each customer. Another element is the metal grate feature that resembles confessionals of ancient times, and a “Service” bell for calling a member of the sales staff. As if it couldn’t get any sexier, the second floor of the La Perla boutique is an espace privé, dedicated to VIP customers, where they can access exclusive services such as the new Made to Measure collections.Tres Bien – Bonne Chic!!! The arch is one of the distinctive architectural elements of Italian art and here it becomes a backdrop lined in pink onyx inside each window. The La Perla intimates are displayed in transparent cases with gilded metal hangers and may be presented to customers on velvet-lined trays.The opening of this new French boutique is an important stage in the expansion project of the retail arm, considered to be a benchmark in the great La Perla international re-launch. The new image will be unveiled in the flagship La Perla boutiques, which includes Barcelona, San Francisco, New York.

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