MBFW-NY S/S15 – Rubin Chapelle


High up in The Standard Hotel surrounded by breath-taking views of city, Rubin Chapelle’s spring 2015 collection stood front and center for the viewing pleasure of the huddles of bystanders. The use of pastels, creamy silks, earthy green tones, and pops of bright corals, against Puma sneakers really added an extra element of “active wear” to the assembly. There is a great variance in what we see in the collection due to the change from flowy, to structured, and pastel to bright reds and oranges Many of the pieces had an elegance, and ease to them—which for the warm summer months is an attribute that fashionistas will be dying to get their hands on in the upcoming year. Whether you are fawning over their use of structured pastel suit jackets which were generously paired with shorts, rather than pants, or dreaming of settling into a beach chair enveloped in their silk lounge-wear ensembles, it was clear that they will be a front runner for many’s summer wardrobe.Rubin Chapelle successfully created an even keel of change, which really brought the collection into a light and free spirited cohesiveness.

xoxo Sara Bistritz – The Style Senders Contributor

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