“Take a ride in a 1950’s convertible down Sunset Boulevard in California. “

The design trio behind the brand Timo Weiland never fails to impress their fans, followers, and the fashion industry as a whole. Creative Director Timo Weiland, Design Director Alan Eckstein, and head designer Donna Kang know how to make clothing that will appeal to the masses, put any man on the best dressed list, and put on a show that will linger with you for weeks to come, all while making it look very effortless.

In their attempts to be different, and stay ahead of the game, the presentation was held a day before the official start of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Highline Hotel; the same venue that held their presentation last season.

Anyone familiar with the brand Timo Weiland knows that the aesthetic of the brand, especially for the men’s line, is minimalistic, comfortable chic. They have the ability to take something as simple as sweat shorts or sweat pants, and make them desirable and wanted by all men alike.

For the Spring 2015 season, the designs were created using layering, a signature look for the design house (no matter what the season, they make layering look cool). One of the most standout pieces, among the fifteen that were shown, was a suit layered with a simple black bomber jacket. A look for the office and a night out on the town.

A design that was prevalent throughout the collection was the use of stripes; pinstriped pants, pinstriped shirts, and striped shorts were seen on the models, paired with simple hair, and cool shades.

Another standout signature look from the brand is how they take something as ordinary and as ubiquitous as a button down shirt and turn it into something special. Throughout the seasons, the design trio has found new ways to re-do and update the button down shirt, mixing it with different prints on either side, and make the color a different color from the rest of the shirt.The collection definitely transported those who were privileged to attend to sunny California.

The best thing about the Timo Weiland brand is how their designs are instantly recognizable and can appease to the taste of even the pickiest dressers. They definitely have something for everyone. For any man looking to update his wardrobe, change things up a bit, and be a little daring, Timo Weiland is definitely a brand for you. I cannot wait to see what’s in store for us seasons to come. Thank you Timo Weiland for having me there.

xoxo Jonathan Matatov – The Style Senders Assistant Editor

Photography by Molly Torian

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