10660376_10152268343697466_6820913253006820735_n Lights dim, and a calm aura sets over the room, spotlights shine upon beautiful figures switching between Yoga poses on the stage before you. This is how the Athleta show at SIR Stage greeted the audience on September 3rd, 2014. The calm did not last long for within seconds the scene broke into a synchronized show of models perfectly choreographed to take over the stage. This show was unlike any other in fashion weeks past, simply because this is the first time were seeing a athletic-wear collection side with top ready-to-wear designers. Side by side with the heart beating music
Athleta really showed us how their work out wear can field across all different levels of calisthenics from ballet, to yoga, to cardio—and yes apparently even trapeze! Now these pieces aren’t only for the gym, you won’t find yourself sneaking around hoping not to get caught by anyone you know as you run from your car to your next zumba class. This attire is something you will be proud of wearing in many atmospheres.
xoxo Sara Bistritz – The Style Senders Contributor

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