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The Hub at the Hudson Hotel on Thursday Sept. 4th at 9:30am held CUTECIRCUIT‘s Spring 2015 runway show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. As the house music stopped playing we all expected to see the very innovative collection of CUTECIRCUIT make it’s way down the runway. However, we were all in for a little surprise. Design Duo Ryan Genz and Francesca Rosella came out from back stage to greet their guests and explain meaning behind the collection and label in full detail. They both explained how the clothing is designed in conjunction with a mobile/social media app that brand has created that allows the wearer to change features (LED lights) of the garment with the push of a button; such as color and print. This detail to design really revolutionizes the phrase from “day to evening” or “seasonal”. You can turn a dress from simple to flashy in a flash.

Although last season’s garments had lots of LED prints that took our breaths away, this season after hearing the whole explanation of the collection, fell a bit dim. The collection was simple with soft whites, blues, oranges and blacks with pops of metallic fabric. The garments were simple too with casual day suits, satin robes, maxi dresses, and mullet dresses.

I believe that the focus of the runway show may have been held on a very few select accessories and very slim garment paneling instead of larger more “in your face” LED prints . This included small box clutches that spelled out the word “LOVE” in scrolling LED letters and dresses imbedded with movement sensors, dresses with blue LED paneling and Jacket lapels of the same nature.

If the world would accept CUTECIRCUIT into their closets I believe we may have just found our new fashion forward technological, social media savvy, clothing. What next? Clothes you can tweet to or instagram on!?

xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

Photography: Charlene Dong


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