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So, I’m a Libra which means I’m an air sign, my birthday falls between September 23rd. & October 22nd, (my birthday is Oct, 3rd) and that I’m a fall baby. All a bit obvious details, right? Right! Well who knew that zodiac signs could have specific style? When I woke up this morning I received an email from Refinery 29 titled “The Best Outfits For Your Zodiac Sign” and I was very intrigued. As I scrolled down to find the scale I was curious what this Refinery 29 article would say about sweet little Libras. It also included a general horoscope along with the one geared around fashion. But, I’ll leave that for you to find out here! Mow onto what my style profile says about me and all the other Libras out there!

Your Style Profile
“Libra is master of the subtle, delicate touch; in her world, all things are balanced by proper proportion,” Miller tells us. And, like the air sign you are, your style will naturally be inspired by colors of the sky: blues, pale pinks, and as our expert puts it, “colors of the petit fours served on a silver tray.”

Other Libra favorites include small knife pleats, chiffon, and lacy, baby doll-esque styles. Clearly, you are a fan of feminine pieces, but Libras also like to get creative and experiment outside the box.


Your Must-Try Outfit
With a few months ahead filled with plans to get involved, we’ve paired together a look that will travel with you, Libra, from one charity fundraiser to the next. We’ve chosen a piece very characteristic of your sign (the pleated, pink skirt) and kept the rest a bit more casual, with a flowy, lace tee and slip-on sneakers. The accessories are ladylike, but not too precious, ensuring that you maintain your, ahem, balance.

Schutz, Amisha Metallic Slip On Sneakers, $160.00, available at Shopbop RED Valentino, Pleated stretch-cotton mini skirt, $395.00, available at Net-A-Porter Rebecca Taylor, Short Sleeve Patch Lace Top, $350.00, available at Rebecca Taylor Jeweliq, Triple Pearl Earcuffs, $25.00, available at Jeweliq Mulberry, Small Lily Bag, $1264.80, available at Harrods


You can find your zodiac style profile from Refinery 29, too!

Xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

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