HONNS Gloves NYC Launch Party

411 On Tuesday evening (Aug 12th, 2014) in New York City; HONNS held their NYC Launch party at Minus5 ice bar. It was the perfect venue to show off their highly tech savvy, comfortable and stylish gloves. For those of you who do not know, I do not like to wear gloves in the winter time so to keep my hands warm I usually keep them in my coat pockets. Why? Well most gloves cause my hands to feel too constricted.

Before we entered the bar that is completely made out of ice, well not just the bar is made of ice but the walls, chairs, sofas, tables, even our glasses were made of ice; we were given faux fur coats and Honns gloves of our choice to wear while sipping specialty cocktails and enjoying our time in the frozen oasis. Can anyone hear…” LET IT GO….” After having all of my fun at the launch party, taking pictures and dancing I suddenly realized that I was wearing gloves. These HONNS gloves did not make my hands feel constricted at all. In fact It felt as if they were a second skin! What made them even better was how there were iPhone sensitive finger tips integrated into the material of the gloves. Something everyone needs now-a-days! 409Even though I wish summer could last forever  – I can’t wait for winter to come around just so I can wear Honns’ super stylish and comfortable gloves!

you can shop HONNS GLOVES HERE!

xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

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