20140801-120234-43354343.jpgBackstage between the Caffé and Luli Fama fashion show at The Raleigh Hotel in south beach, I was able to get a glimpse of the atmosphere I was in for. As the models ran to and from getting ready for the imminent show I was able to chat with Janie Hayes, President and CEO of Nature’s Cocktail, although Hayes was there for business, she too was incredibly excited for what Luli Fama had in store—as they are known to put on one incredible show—and boy was she correct in her assumption!

Dancing in your seat, toe tapping, hand clapping fun is the best description I can use for Luli Fama’s fashion. The epitome of fun, Miami vibes were emanating from the runway as the models strutted through the show to the tune of Top 40 radio tunes. This season, the show opened with massively beautiful dancers in hot pink jumpsuits, and feathered crowns, as well as stilted “creatures” which definitely amped up the audience. We love theatrical runway shows! Go big or go home!

The swim suits, which mostly consisted of bright colors, and bright strappy bottoms + tops, and fringe and floral prints were spectacular. As for beauty, the addition of the big barrel curls and a shimmer that lined the inside of the eyes created an amazing under the sea feel. All of these different factors really had one thinking of the ocean, as well as all of the different creatures that live below the Ocean waves. The culmination of the sea theme was emphasized when the closing model took the runway with a “seaweed” looking wrap which swayed with every step she took.

Now let’s talk gift bags, shall we? After the show I was able to sift through much of the swag Luli Fama gave their guests. The enormous bag consisted of The Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash (Which in my humble opinion is a G-d send, I recommend this little guy to everyone), Ipanema Sandals, the “official sandals of MBFW Swim!”, Zoya Nailpolish, Furterer Okara Active Light)that Im currently using on my Ombred hair & loving) Luna Bars, and Million Dollar Tan, to keep my Miami tan in check during the long NY winters.

We can’t wait to see what Luli Fama does next season in Miami!

xoxo Sara Bistritz – The Style Senders Contributor


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