During the Caffé Swimwear runway show, I was privy to a one-on-one interview with designer, Paula Saavedra where she dished about her summer 2015 collection in addition to the several months that lead up to MBFW Swim.
In Paula’s opinion all of the hard work that encompassed the previous months leading up to previewing the collection and then seeing the finished results strut down the runway is her favorite part of fashion week — as is mine! During my post show interview I could really appreciate the pride and happiness beaming from Paula after showing us all her amazing collection.

As the models stomped it out down the runway for Caffé Swimwear’s collection you could see her vision of a “gypsy jetsetter” come alive; between the bags adorned in pom-poms and flowy cover-ups such as harem-type pants, maxi dresses, and jumpsuits; every swimsuit was joined together and perfectly matched with a look that superbly sought out what Paula was going for in the collection. As the show developed we were met with a gradual change through an array of colors which smoothly created an advancement of sophisticated style including the carefree and adventurous spirit of a gypsy.

It was spectacular!

xoxo Sara Bistritz – The Style Senders Contributor

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