DARA’s SENT STYLE – A Day In The Local Middle East


20140608-182435-66275467.jpgYesterday my friend invited me to a Middle Eastern Festival in Somerset, New Jersey. I love learning and being a part of different cultures so I obviously could not turn this invitation down. It was also fun spending time with my friend and her family. Growing up in a Jewish household middle eastern cuisine was something very near and dear to my heart. Every Passover; the night before my parents and I would traditionally go to a local kosher falafel and pizza restaurant, Jerusalem Pizzeria. It was my favorite! I also grew up going to The Olive Tree, an NYC middle eastern food institution.

As we arrived the music was blaring and the smell of all the cooking was glorious! We were one of the first to arrive, too. After an hour of scoping the scene I decided to stand on line and carefully choose what I wanted to order for lunch! This was a very hard decision because everything looked and smelled so delicious! But let’s face it, how could I pass up on the falafel? And, that is exactly what I ordered; a nice big falafel platter with lots of humus, a bowl full of tahini, stuffed grape leaves, and chips (french fries)! When I sat down to make my sandwich, i stuffed that baby with as much of what was on my plate, drenching it with tahini! I love tahini! (giigles) It was so delicious!!

Throughout the day there was dancing, games for the kids, and lots of fun conversations with the people in my friends religious community. Not to mention, really cute guys! (more giggles) At the end of the night there was a performance of Middle Eastern dancing by the children and teens that belonged to the church that ran the festival. It was fabulous! After the festival my friend and I grabbed some sushi with my parents. After that we spontaneously decided to take a drive to Hoboken and walk along the pier. it was such a beautiful night! After getting somewhat lost on the way due to many construction detours, we finally made it! Oh boy, was that scary! (giggles) Look how beautiful the city looked last night!!!



WEARING: Top– H&M, Bracelets – Chico’s/Dara Senders, Bag – Forever 21

It was a very fun-filled day and evening of great food and even better company!!


xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders





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