A Special Gift From Harrod’s

So a very dear friend of mine went on a college trip to London to learn about British architecture. Before she left she generously asked if I wanted her to bring me anything back for me from her travels. Knowing she would have little time to do much outside of her itinerary, I told her how great flu I was to have been asked but not to worry about it. She insisted and asked what I wanted. I told my friend that if she insisted, I jokingly replied that I want a Alexander McQueen signature skull scarf and a Stella McCartney Bag. After a few laughs I told her that I will love anything she’d want to bring back for me because it’s the thought that counts and it would be special to me no matter what, which is the truth. Much to my surprise, when she returned home from London she handed me a bag from Harrod’s! I flipped a little with excitement yelling, “Are you crazy??? OMG!!! What did you do!!! This is so nice!!” after some more laughs and he telling me “it’s something small….just open it!” and me replying “Small? It’s from Harrod’s!!! The fact that you took the time out of your trip to go there to pick out something, no matter the size, for me is so wonderfully amazing! THANK YOU!!


So, as I opened the gift I became very excited!! I was firstly blown away at how thoughtful and personal the gift was. I have been on the lookout for the perfect change purse to take with me to the beach and swim club this summer, my favorite color is pink, and I love hearts! Secondly, I am one to always misplace my keys (like a lot of us ladies are) so when I realized the keychain not only was bright with the British flag but had a big “D” (for Dara) on it….I was just so grateful!

THANK YOU MICHELLE FOR BEING SO THOUGHTFUL,SWEET AND A GREAT FRIEND! I’m very proud of all your accomplishments thus far nod can’t wait to open an office in a building you design, one day!

To shop this adorable Christie change-purse from Harrod’s London visit www.harrods.com

xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

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