Dara’s Sent Style: No Makeup Monday & a little Jake Gyllenhaal Story

Happy Monday Fashion People!!

So, today I decided to do a post for #nomakeupmonday which is really an awkward thing for me because I do not let many people see me without makeup. Growing up my aunt always told me to always have at least a little makeup up on because you never know who’ll you run into and you’ll want to look your best. When I didn’t listen to her words of wisdom in 2007 I ran into the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal at the International Photo Museum while we stood next to each other glancing at a photograph of an African Tribe women breast feeding. Yes, this was the most awkward of photos for my 18 year old self to be studying a long side my silver screen crush and Yes, there was a small conversation where he thanked me for not being obvious like all of the other twenty-something year-olds there that day along with wishing me well on my photography class project. There is a lot more to the story and conversation we had but I’ll leave it at that! (the best 3 minutes of my life) But, because I didn’t even have lip-gloss on hand I felt bummed thinking what would have happened if I was all glammed up! Mind you, I was there in the early afternoon after staying up till 4:30am-ish to then be awoken by my two besties who were banging on my door frantically, literally helping me put on my Ugg boots and winter coat, while rushing me out of the building to go stand in line for tickets to see Jake host Saturday Night Live, to then find out it was just a repeat! ::womp womp womp:: It was still a fun adventure I’ll always remember with my two favorite girls. That afternoon I was scheduled to go to the museum to do research for my photography class’s project so having only 1 hour of sleep I went in leggings, the same uggs and my favorite FIT sweatshirt. The kicker is that around 12:30pm the very same day is when I went to the photo museum and met Jake. How ironic was that??? Not being allowed to take photos at the photo museum was a bit ironic too, but for plagiary reasons I understood it but so my two besties had a hard time believing this story. To be honest, I thought I was dreaming too, because it was just too weird! However, when I heard a 19 year old guy screaming with his bestie “OMG, OMG It’s Jake Gyllenhaal!!??!!” then asking me if it was him too, I realized that the lack of sleep wasn’t causing me to hallucinate the figure of my future husband standing right before me, that day! (lol a girl can hope right?)

Anyway my point is, I felt so stupid bumping into someone who I’d want to look great for, looking like a sleepless wrecking ball. What made me for self conscious is that I had hives on the bridge of my nose due to an allergy to a pair of Chanel sunglasses I was wearing the day before. (Yes, apparently I’m allergic to Chanel…haha..well not Chanel so much as the feet that were on the glasses made from latex) But with this being said even though I love doing my makeup, playing around with different beauty products and experimenting with different looks I still firmly believe that beauty starts from within. Makeup will not put a facade on and make pretty an ugly attitude.People should also fully love you for who you are as a person without any materialistic value playing into it! Love the person, not the paint!

So with this said I decided to share with the world my selfie with zero makeup on!!



For those of you who never leave the house with makeup, I recommend you try this, even if you don’t post the picture anywhere, it’s pretty liberating. And again, with the story I just shared with you, it does happen to hold true, you never know who you will run into so always look presentable at best.


xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders


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