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Over the past few years I have been constantly asked by you all “Dara, Do you have your makeup done professionally?” and I always answer honestly with “No, I do it myself!” When asked what makeup products I use I just tell you all most of it is from either my local drug store (ie: CVS, Duane Reede/Wallgreens) or Sephora which again is the g-d’s to honest truth. Why would I lie to you guys? That’s not a nice thing to do, I’m here to help. Sooooo, after years of these questions, I decided to give you guys a glimpse into my makeup bag. I only have a few go to products that allow me to do a complete makeup look (major smokey eye and all) in less than 10 minutes, that’s unless I accidentally get the mascara in my eye which means….start all over again!


I first start with Sephora’s Concealer Palette which unfortunatelywas discontinued about 4 years ago . I bought the last 4 or 5 remaining pallets that were left on the shelf. They last a very long time. You can buy eachconcealer color individually now atsephora. or MAKE UP FOR EVER 5 Camouflage Cream Palette as an alternative. My palette gives you 4 concealer hues; nude (light), sandy (deeper), leaf (a green concealer for dark under-eye circles) and lilac (a light purple concealer for red spots). I begin with covering my dark under-eye circles with the leaf concealer, then adding the nude over it and a little under to the cheek bone for a highlight effect. In the summer months I use the sandy instead. If I have a blemish or two I cover them up with the lilac and then add the sandy concealer over it. On my lids I use Revlon’s Colorstay Concealer (02 Light Pale) wand as a primer because I’m allergic to most makeup primers. I spread this all over my eye lids and eye brown bone.


After I’m all concealed I take a short and fat kabuki brush and lightly spread it around in my bronzer. The bronzer I use can only be found at Jonelle Salon in Short Hills, New Jersey. I use the original hue. The salon has their own cosmetics line that my mother and I have been using basically forever. It’s the only bronzer I will use!  I brush it lightly all over my face till I have the desired glow I am looking for. This bronzer basically give you back your glowing complexion lost from the concealer. I then use Sephora’s Micro Smooth Baked Sculting Trio (Sweet – 01 Clair Light) I swear by this, too. This powder pallet consists of a blush, bronzer, and a luminizer. I take y brush and lightly add both the bronzer and blush to my cheek area and jowl line mostly to contour. I then take the luminzier and brush it lightly down the center of my nose and under my eyes on the upper cheek bone. I also with my finger apply it all over my eyes the same way I applied the concealer. which the brush I then blend it all together by brushing all around my face lightly. After that is completed I take Sephora’s Micro Smooth Baked Blush Duo (03 Guava Glow) I take the same brush and lightly tap it in both sections of the blush together and then lightly apply it to the apple of my cheek is a circular motion, this finishes off the look and a slight pop of a rosy cheek that looks natural.


I add a little bit more of the Sephora’s Micro Smooth Baked Sculting Trio luminizer. My favorite eyeshadow palate is Milano Cosmetics Fashion Shadows (07 Ready To Wear)! All of the shades can be used either dry for a softer look or wet for a more intense look. I start by applying the black and bronze together on the name finger and applying it in the outer corner to the middle of my lid and lower brow bone for a contoured look. depending on the intensity you want you can add more of the black in a wider range for a very dramatic eye or leave it simple and only use a little. I then take the lighter shades and add a little to the middle of my lid for more of a pop. the eye brow bone is already highlighted with luminizer. I then use Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner (in either Black/Brown or Blackest Black) to line my lids; top lid and water line, too. I use the Black/Brown to fill in my eyebrows, too. When that is complete, I use Maybelline’s Falsies Mascara (Black Drama) to lengthen my lashes to their fullest form!



I don’t always wear lip products, but if I do I tend to go for the more neutral and coral shades These are the best match for my skin tone.

I hope this helped you with you own makeup blunders and you found some inspiration from this post. It truly only take my on average 10 minutes or less to do this entire process. It is very easy and will leave you looking flawless!


xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

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