Meeting designer Lauren Cecchi outside of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this past season was a treat. She soon after invited me to visit her showroom to view her new collection of handbags. On February 27th, 2014 I had the pleasure of visiting her showroom in the heart of the garment district. It was such a genuinely great time viewing her handbag collection and sharing thoughts involving the fashion industry, fashion week and living in New York City. As we became better acquainted I could clearly tell this is a designer that is in it for the long run! Her passion and drive for being an entrepreneur definitely shows through her personality and designs, equally.



From a young age, handbag designer Lauren Cecchi knew that one day she would have her own fashion collection. Lauren decided that if she was going to have her own brand, she wanted to give back to her community by ensuring that all aspects of her bags are made not only in America, but also in New York. In 2013 Cecchi designed The Empire Collection which is the 1st of Lauren Cecchi designs. The high-quality leather comes from a tannery in Upstate New York and bags and hardware are manufactured right in the heart of the New York City Fashion District.  The collection consists of three different styles; the Sorella, the Mezzo and the Luxe all available in a wide range of colors which offers a bag for just about anyone’s style preference offering both a sense of elegance and playfulness.


Favorite Color (s): Pink!

Favorite Movie (s): Harry Potter (all of them!)

Favorite Song (s): Anything from Beyoncé’s new visual album.
Favorite musician/band (s): O.A.R. has to be my favorite band, has been since I was 14.275

Favorite Food (s): My mom’s pasta and sauce or my grandma’s lasagna.  I’m Italian so anything in that category of food I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and finish it off with a cannoli for dessert.

Favorite Candy (s): Swedish fish or chocolate!

Favorite City (s): New York City of course! I also fell in love with Capri when I traveled to Italy a few summers ago.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Madison, Connecticut. It’s a small little town on the water.


Before entering into the accessories design business, where did you work? What did you do? I worked as a visual stylist, assistant event planner, and assistant buyer before I started Lauren Cecchi New York. I knew I always wanted to be in fashion I just didn’t know what so I wanted to explore different careers before I chose to start my own brand.

College/Major? I went to Lynn University and received my degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Fashion Management. I continued my education at Lynn and received my MBA in International Business.LC-19

Who or what inspires you? I find inspiration all around me! For The Empire Collection, I was inspired by New York City. I found inspiration in just about everything in the concrete jungle, the people, the music, the adventures. 

Who is your ultimate customer/it girl? She’s a girl who is fashion forward and likes to stay ahead of the curve.

Which celebrity (s) would you love seeing wear your bags the most? Hmm that’s a tough one! Nicole Richie, Rihanna or Vanessa Hudgens would be fabulous!

How long have you been designing? I have been sketching since high school but really put my focus on designing my own collection last year.

Why handbags? Because you can never have too many handbags!

Any advice for start-up entrepreneurs? Network as much as you can, you will never know who you will meet and and help each other in the future.

As you can tell, what goes behind the name Lauren Cecchi is pure passion, devotion and a respect for having business and manufacturing brought back to the U.S of A! I know I’d feel very much empowered wearing an accessory I knew gave back to our county’s economy in a sophisticated and trendy way!

To shop this fabulous collection and find out more about Lauren Cecchi visit

xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

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