20140219-031755.jpgThe powerful trio behind the brand Timo Weiland decided once again to separate their two collections during New York Fashion Week by having their menswear line shown separately from their womenswear collection. Although unconventional, there are no complaints from us. It just gives us double the amount of enjoyment time to bask in their artistic visions.

For their Fall/Winter ’14 collection, the three, Timo Weiland (creative director), Alan Eckstein, (design director), and Donna Kang (head designer), held their presentation at the beautiful Highline Hotel in the meatpacking district of Manhattan. This venue was definitely an excellent backdrop for spirited winter and layered frocks.
The design house’s use of plaid was taken to the next level by adding different colors into the mix. Paying homage to plaid prints, diamond weave patterns, and cool hues of deep blue, black, green, and purple were front and center. One of the models wore the “Beff,” named after Timo’s boyfriend. It is multi facetted buffalo plaid crewneck sweater, which on one side showcased a black and white plaid pattern and on the other a green and blue plaid pattern. Perfectly matched for the winter chill was a black beanie , five pocket pant in charcoal, and a black leather boot, courtesy of Clarks.

Another favorite in the collection was a blue quilted bomber jacket adorned with black sleeves. This trendy and sleek fitted jacket is paired with quilted pants, which appeared stylish and comfortable. Layered underneath the bomber jacket was a black sweater and white shirt. These are definitely pieces that belong in any man’s closet.
As a whole, Timo Weiland Fall 2014 epitomized comfortable street wear with a high fashion twist; something that should appear in the closet of every man from twenty-something to forty-something!

By Johnny Matatov – The Style Senders Assistant Editor.

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