Shoes We Can Wear In the Winter

Shoes have always been a big passion for us girls. While
all shoes are wonderful in their own right, we must look out for
the best trending shoes of the season. As many trends, they always
come full circle and there are just certain silhouettes that never
go out of style. Let’s take a look at the trends that have come
back around the block a few times and that are making a comeback
for the fall along with a new trend for 2013/2014.

1. Stilettos:

A basic, like these
Louboutin’s are a must have for every woman’s Woredrobe! Everyone
loves stilettos; from the working girl to the semi-tomboy. They
give every outfit a pop of sophistication, femininity, and class.
They are the greatest style to show off the personality of a strong
woman who is ready to take over the world or to show off our girly
side. No matter the height of the heel, they are a true staple worn
over several decades by women all over the world always here to
make us dream again!

2. Ballerina Flats:

20140107-164219.jpg Our go-to-shoe! Simple, chic, and feminine! We just
happen to love these Chanel ballet flats. Everybody must have a
pair of in their closet, or three or five. They surely don’t get
old-fashioned. Pair them with everything imaginable, in any shape,
silhouette and color along side any outfit!! The most versatile
wearable shoe!

3. Velvet Smoking Slipper:

20140107-164409.jpgThe these Charlotte Olympia’s are fancier
alternative to the ballet flat. A great way to make a subtle
statement , our advice to you today will be : If you are a girl who
likes to wear casual clothes , (jeans/shirt/jacket) , add these
babies to the mix in any color you fancy. We love this royal blue
pair posted above. When wearing smoking slippers, you automatically
give off an air of, “I know I’m fabulous, but I don’t care!!”

4. Laced-Up Boots:

20140107-165638.jpgThe perfect winter boot stunner! The lace-up details
give a sexy yet utilitarian vibe to your outfit. They are great in
a flat style or in these Emilio Pucci thight-high suede peep toes.
Pair them with your skinny jeans or a cute Romberg with tights worn
to keep your legs and feet toasty.

5. Cut-Out Booties:

20140107-165856.jpgYou can absolutely wear these shoes in the winter
months. Just pair them with your favorite tights. We wouldn’t
advise you to wear them during a snow storm, well, the reasons are
obvious. SNOW = cold & wet feet. That’s not a cute look.
But, the color blocking of your tights peaking out from the cut out in these Steve Madden booties
is a great Ion trend look for winter. It’s playful and sexy without
being vulgar.

By Samia Dehmeche – Contributor

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