Cleveland For Thanksgivukah #1


So yesterday, around noon I headed to Newark International Airport with my parents to hop a plane to Cleveland, Ohio for Thanksgiving and Chanukah. My Dad grew up there so all of my “Senders” relatives live there; including my Bubbie; well mostly all of them! The plane wasn’t very full leaving tins if room to spread out! My mom and I were in one section and my was across the aisle. He was coincidentally sitting next to an elderly man who he knew from growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland, so they had fun chit-chatting.

My favorite thing to get on an air plane is Tomato Juice. Even though I drink it all the time something about getting a cup of tomato juice during my flight is so special. It’s been a tradition with my mom and I since I was a little girl. It was also a tradition with her and my grandmother. It’s the little things in life.

The flight was wonderful with a clean and smooth landing, getting in early at exactly 5:00pm. My aunt picked us up from the airport and took us to our hotel and then to her house to see my uncle and cousins! We hat a bite and watched the Finally #1 of Dancing With The Starts, all veging on the sofa!

This year Thanksgiving and the 2nd night of Chanukah fall on the same day making it officially Thanksgivukah!! How awesome!!



I love visiting Cleveland and spending time with my Bubbie, cousins, aunts and uncles! We always share and create lots of laughter and fun memories together! Since it’s a very festive time of year, it makes it all the more special!

Till Next Time! (It’s snowing so I need to get off my phone which is where I’m blogging from)
Xoxo Dara

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