Trend Report: Hints Of Oxblood

One of the biggest colors for fall 2013 is Oxblood! A very deep and rich wine tone brings out the warmth and sultry moods fall clothing is meant to represent. I personally love Oxblood. I find it to go beautifully with most skin tones. It also allows for great statement piece wearing. Grab your oxblood bag or hat and be ready to spill where you bought it and who designed it… People will want to know! Oxblood goes to basically many color but I love pairing it with blacks, grays, creamy tones and earth tones best.

Fall clothing is meant to be tactile with many textures all worn at once. I find that adding Oxblood or maroon/wine to the mix really helps each item you are wearing stand out a bit more and makes you look much more sophisticated, polished, and an autumn/winter queen! It is also a great alternative it wearing red, which many woman have a hard time doing be it their skin tone or level of comfort.

What do you feel about Oxblood? Share your thoughts with me!!


Trend Report: Hints Of Oxblood

Report: Hints Of Oxblood
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