Glitterrings Spring/Summer 2014 Press Preview

I always love stopping by the Glitterrings showroom to catch up with the fab representatives and check out their new house brands & private label brands. It is always such a wonderful time being shown around the studio by Dana (the PR Rep) and playing dress up with such fun and exciting jewelry!


I was first taken to Jill Zarin’s collection of beautiful and edgy statement pieces. I really love the architectural elements used in the design of the necklaces, rings & bracelets! The contrast of the silver & gold tones used were great and blended very well together. The blue crystals used in some if the accessories caught my eye immediately! These are a must buy for the jet-setter who wants something different to add to their woredrobe that wont break the bank!



Next was Debbie Merle’s designs. Agate & crystal beading done in a very special way. The saturation of the beads paired with the spiritual charms used to finish each bracelet really makes a bold statement! She will be launching on this November.


In addition to all the glittery fun, there renowned celebrity numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn was there to read all the guest’s numbers and palms. It was truly remarkable what he read on many of the guests, including myself! Very spot in!! The reason Lloyd was there was to bring forth the true meaning behind the new line of jewelry by Glitterrings called “The Numbers Collection”! Each number is associated with a character trait. After my reading I was told my number is 3, which symbolizes creativity.


The rest of the Glitterrings house label, as usual was filled with a powerful punch of class, sophistication,fun, flirtation, femininity, and sparkle! Here are some of my favorite jewels.








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xoxo StyleSenders

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