MBFW SS2014: Jenny Packham

_DSC6084To us at The Style Senders, Jenny Packham is the epitome of grace, luxurious style, and elegance with always a little twist. We couldn’t have been more delighted to attend her show for Spring 2014. We knew we had a very beautiful show in store for us with lots of red carpet and black tie evening looks ahead – and boy were we right!

This season’s theme was inspired by the the young women characters of “Picnic at Hanging Rock”  a 1975 Australian cult film classic. She loved how the film was set in an Edwardian boarding school and how the costumes were perfectly periodical to the 70’s. With never actually seeing the film, one can absolutely see how her inspiration of 1970’s prep-school chic flowed into her spring 2014 collection. How, you ask? Well, the use of warm colors such as burgundy, blush pinks, and rust were used to enhance the hues of celadon, powder blue, and Chartreuse; all heavily trendy in the 1970’s. Striking and effortless plaid shirt-dress ball gowns, pleated halter dresses, prairie and hukapoo torso silhouettes were a mainstay for many of the frocks. It also appeared to be very Halston-esque. (which makes perfect sense since he was the king of 1970’s evening wear!)

As we all know, Jenny Packham is renowned for her beading and embellishments that add that special regal sparkle to all of her evening gowns and cocktail dresses. Her collection would not be complete without it. In this collection, the beading was pretty and sophisticated, yet done in a lighter form than in last collections. In addition to the beading small pink rosette embellishments gave the collection texture, especially when the lights hit them. Accessories were minimal, but the use of a clutch adorned with large flower petals gave the looks more texture hinting a persona of playfulness.

The hair was big and wild as if Diana Ross herself had styled the hair. The makeup was very neutral and bare leaving all the attention to the clothes.

Overall, It was a beautifully executed collection which was very pleasing to the eye. As much as we love glitz and sparkle up the wazoo, we are thrilled that jenny decided to make a collection with less bedazzled garments and more garments that were rich in solid color and fabrication. We like this new side of Jenny Packham, very much!


We can’t wait to see the show again next season! Is it Fall 2014 yet?

xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

Photo Cred: Molly Torian

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