MBFW SS2014: TRESemmé Lounge Hair Style Session


My third day of MBFW went off to a great start! The day before I had booked an appointment with coordinator Elizabeth Kennedy (manager of events) to have my hair blown out by one of TRESemmé’s master stylists. Thank goodness there was an opening. This was my day of interviews and video shoots. That morning was a bit frazzled for my daily alarm clock did not go off, thank goodness my internal alarm clock did though otherwise I would have missed almost the entire day a head of me! As I woke up an hour late, I jumped in the shower and ran to Lincoln Center with a wet head. I normally wouldn’t do this however, I had good reason. I was getting my hair done!_DSC4676

As I walked into the tents I saw my team waiting for me upstairs at the TRESemmé Salon. I checked in and ran up the stairs. Master Stylist Johnny Brillo was there to greet me with a smile and lots of excitement! I quickly sat down in the chair and we began to discuss what I wanted done to my hair. For those of you that did not know this little detail about me….I am very paranoid about my hair and the way it looks. In my opinion, without good hair one doesn’t  look complete! So, because I was being filmed that day it was imperative that my hair looked marvelous! I explained that I wanted my hair to be simply blown out with body and lift in a glamorous way! NO CURLS! (I feel that curls make my face look very round, and well that particular week that was the last thing I needed accentuated!)


Johnny mentioned that he was thrilled I came in with a wet head because it made his job much easier and allowed for him to get the best style out of our half hour styling session, together! He was also happy I had long hair so there was a lot to play with. As he began to style my hair a producer from the E! Network stopped in and told everyone in the salon to stop looking over the wall because they were trying to film an episode of Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, Kelly Osborne, Giuliana Rancic, George Kotsiopoulos and special guest singer/songwriter Ciara. It was getting in the way of their shots! Well, that was super exciting, if only the wall was transparent so we could have watched the filming. But hearing the E! Network crew cheer as they came back from commercial break was pretty cool all in itself! One day, I’ll be a guest on the show! Just you wait and see!


A few laughs, pointers, tips, and shared life stories later, my hair was complete 

just the way I wanted it to look!

Pointer #1:  My hair Hold a lot of heat which is the reason why it never keeps a curl or holds a lift naturally!

Pointer #2: A little tease goes a long way!

Pointer #3: TRESemmé is FABULOUS! (But I didn’t need Johnny to tell me that! wink wink!_DSC4652_DSC4660

A Big Thanks to Johnny Brillo, Elizabeth Kennedy, and TRESemmé for making me look photo/runway ready!

TRESemmé, TRESemmé, Oh La La!


Photo & Video Cred: Molly Torian Photography







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