Mathieu Mirano is a designer we at The Style Senders have been watching for some time now and are always happy with the results of his work. Power dressing for the “bitchy” young lady is what Mathieu Mirano’s Spring 2014 collection represented. When speaking with Mirano about why he created a collection for this kind of woman he explained,

” I have always been fascinated with this kind of woman. The woman who makes people think she’s a bitch but deep down she’s really human, she just doesn’t want anyone to know she has a kind heart! She’s in control and wants everyone to know that!”

This super sexy, powerful, yet tasteful collection consisted of shades of red, white, black and gold! The looks were composed of a combination of very sheer mesh tops and leather shift dresses, lace pencil skirts, and leather jump suites. This ultra body conscious collection may be difficult for many women to wear unless lined, however they truly make miraculous editorial numbers. The use of metallics allowed for the garments to pop off the stage and into our hearts. Crop tops paired with fitted pencil skirts also added to the mix.

If we ever see a woman wearing one of these looks, we will know how strong of a women she want to appear to be and we will also know exactly who made it! Isn’t that what all designers want anyway; do be noticed for their work right off the bat?

As always, we are looking forward to previewing what Mirano has in store for us next season!!


xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders


Photo Cred: Molly Torian



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