MBFW SS2014: Ruffian

Starting off the season with this delicious designing duo Brian Wolk and Claude Morais ,was perfect! As Pink Floyd’s “We Don’t Need No Education” blasted from the speakers, we could already tell Ruffian’s Spring 2014 collection was going to be rockin’! The ultra light, feminine, and perfectly structured and tailored  collection was based on a 1950’s flower-printed swatch from St. Tropez. This swatch was the focus point for a series of printed clothing, bold yet simple graphics and florals. An abundance of satin suits and dresses in the inspired decade’s pastel blues, greens, and pinks made for a sophisticated feel along with the use of large bow tied shirts and miniskirts made of illustrious rubber coated silk canvas. What made this collection pop was the addition of  navy blue silk baby-doll sheath dresses with crisp white collars. It was as if an innocent school girl grew up and wanted to keep her youthful style with hints of the sophisticated woman she grew into.

Our favorite look was this perfectly tailored satin suit! We gasped when it came out!!034We Highly look forward to next season’s collection. This is the perfect collection of ready to wear for the prim and proper woman who likes mixing things up a bit!


xoxo Dara Senders – The Style Senders

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