MBFW SS2014: Herve Leger and A Dream Come True

_DSC4133Attending the Herve Leger Show this season at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was definitely one of the highlights for me. Bringing Danielle Tyler, a teenage fashion superstar along for the ride just added to the fun! As we got to the show, backstage we were surrounded by all the press and media there could be.It was jam-packed leaving very little room to really move! This is what would be expected at one of the hottest designer shows. As I showed Danielle around the back of house area she was able to see how everything behind the scenes really worked! Seeing Max Azria being interviewed before the show was also something she loved!_DSC4121_DSC3644

We were making our way towards the front, there was a good half hour before PR started letting guests in, so we just sat patiently and watched all the reporters do their intros for their segments. Thirty minutes later swarms of fashion notables and celebrities started flooding the tent. This was Danielle’s first time at a fashion show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week  and she became more excited as the minutes went by! What made the day even more special for both of us is that a PR girl sat us in the front row across from each other so I was able to watch her snap all the runway photos her heart desired, become more excited about which celebrity she caught a glimpse of celebs such as Nikki Minaj and Giuliana Rancic , and really take in how awesome it was she was able to be there with me! Siting next to Celebrity Fashion Stylist June Ambrose and her daughter was also lots of fun. We had great conversations about school and past shows we had already attended this week. She’s such a great lady and her daughter is super adorable!

The lights went down and the show began…

Herve Leger is best known for their bandage dresses. Well this season Max & Lubov took us on a very sexy yet edgy journey through their form-fitting sheaths, swim wear and leotards. A huge focus of hardware was presented through structural zippers. Square quilt like patterns along with knit striped with plenty of perfectly placed fringe complimented the rugged and sexy looks. Lots of knits,leathers,gold, sexy cutouts, black, hues of mauve, white and blue were the mainstay throughout the collection. Out of every collection for fall 2014, Herve Leger was my top favorite! I can see so many woman wearing these cocktail dresses on the red carpet and to cocktail parties around the world. There was one white dress in particular that stood out to me the most since it was not a full bandage sheath. The skirt was alined and flared which was very pretty and something different for HL!

After the show we rushed backstage to try to get an interview with Max & Lubov. We were successful. When I told Lubov that this was Danielle’s first time at fashion week, she became so excited and took a minute to speak with Danielle asking her how she liked the show and expressing how lucky she was to be here,

“I wish I was able to go to Fashion Week while I was in High School!! You’re one step ahead of me! I was much older at my first show! – you go girl! I’m also really happy that your first show was Herve Leger and I hope to see you again next season!” – Lubov Azria to Danielle Tyler

_DSC4118_DSC4116 She was so warm, gracious and nice! We then were able to get a moment with Max and he was just as happy for Danielle and thankful we both loved the show!

Overall, it was an amazing experience both attending such a great fashion show where each look that came down the runway I loved more and more and being able to see the excitement of a girl I’ve known since before she was born at an event she’s been looking forward to attending with me for a very long time!! I am so proud of her and I can’t wait to see all she accomplished in her life, wherever it may take her! _DSC4137

I can’t wait till Herve Leger’s Fall 2014 collection! It it February yet? xoxoStyleSenders Photo by: Molly Torian Photography & Emmie America







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