Remember when we would sit around with friends during the summer, even at camp making friendship and name bracelets with fun saying on them? Well, this cute, fun, retro (1970’s & 1990’s) and adorable trend is back in a chic new way, thanks to Krysten Kauder of Ryan Porter.

I first met Krysten Kauder back in 2008 through mutual friends who were living in the city; all of which were doing fashion internships that one summer, including myself. We all went to a nightclub called “UpStairs” which at the time was a pretty hot spot. Through staying in touch and bumping into each other at many-a-fashion event we always reconnected in some way! A few months ago I noticed a few adorable beaded bracelets pop up on my Instagram feed with cute phrases on them like, meow, amour, laugh, as if, chic, etc. and wondered where Krysten bought them from…I really wanted to get my hands on a few. To my great surprise she told me they were in fact her own creations. What a great Idea!! A few days went by and I see more and more posts of these bracelets #regram-ed from other bloggers, editors, etc. Thankfully, Krysten sent me a couple of Ryan Porter bracelets with my initials and my favorite hashtag – #fblogger!!





DS-Where did you grow up?
KK-I grew up in a small town near Columbus, Ohio– Marion.

DS-Where did you attend College College?
KK- I went to the college at The Ohio State University for fashion merchandising.

DS-When did you know you wanted to enter the fashion industry?
KK- I have always loved scouring the fashion magazines and staying on top of the trends since high school. My freshman year in college, I was a Psychology major–I was getting great grades but I wasn’t happy. My cousin suggested I try fashion merchandising or design since fashion was a passion of mine. I changed my major immediately as it was a no brainer.

DS-You worked in PR for some time. How did that help you with starting your own company?
KK-Interning for IMG and Carolina Herrera in the press department during fashion week taught me to be able to keep my cool while working under pressure which is very important when starting your own business as it can get very stressful. Working at I-ELLA has taught me how important having a strong social media presence is. I was lucky enough to find a connection through Instagram to have a Seventeen magazine instagram post featuring my bracelets! Throughout all my PR experience, I have gained many connections–networking is key to starting your own business.

DS-Why leave PR?
KK– I actually may want to revisit PR in the near future. I have always enjoyed planning and working events–however, if Ryan Porter takes off–I may not have time to work for a PR company.

DS-Why Jewelry?
KK- After interning at VOGUE in accessories and spending a short time at DANNIJO, I fell more in love with jewelry and knew I wanted to create something everyone can wear and afford.

DS-How did you decide on the name RYAN PORTER?
KK-Ryan is a family name, my mother’s maiden name, my middle name, and my god daughter’s name so the name Ryan is very important to me. Porter means “to wear” in french so I thought this was the perfect addition to the name.

DS-Who is the Ryan Porter girl?
KK-The Ryan Porter girl is stylish and a step of the trends, but also is your every day girl (or boy) next door. What I love about my line is you can create anything you like, whether it is a popular saying like “as if” or your family members name– it caters to all ages.

DS-Where do you find your inspiration from?
KK– I find my inspiration from every day stylish girls, 90s movies and music, anywhere!

DS-Do you design & hand make all of your jewelry, if not where is it made?
KK-Yes, I hand make every piece of jewelry.

Favorite Color: I wear a lot of black- but I love coral.
Favorite Food: Chocolate covered bananas (for now)
Favorite Candy: Anything with peanut butter!
Favorite Movie: Home Alone 2
Favorite Song: Paradise – Coldplay
Favorite City: NYC of course!
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite designer: Marc Jacobs

20130816-231056.jpgEven Fashion Blogger Bryan Boy loves rocking is Ryan Porter!

No matter how you phrase it, Ryan Porter is a very rad edition to everyone’s #armparty. Each bracelet is hand made by Krysten in different colored lanyards, gold colored chains and soon will be maid in 14K gold chains! Snazzy! You may purchase pre-made bracelets or have one or twenty customized to your specific liking with different color options for the lanyards, beads & crystals. I can’t wait to see people everywhere, wearing Ryan Porter and what this brand has in store for the future.


You can find these Bracelets and necklaces at

Ryan Porter Facebook Page
Ryan Porter – Twitter @ShopRyanPorter
Ryan Porter Pinterest
Ryan Porter Instagram @ShopRyanPorter

What do you think of these? Tell me your thoughts?


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