Comfort Food & Feline Homies

Comfort Food & Feline Homies
by stylesenders
So, I was sitting by the pool yesterday relaxing and enjoying the sun when I started feeling a bit of a chill in the air. This was something that has always indicated to me that summer was coming to a close! Oh NO!!! Hey!! It’s just august 5th!! (today the 6th) As I was basking in the rays of the sun as it was beginning to set, around 6:30pm it became bit chilly outside. I just had my coverup with me so keeping a bit warm would have resulted in me wrapping myself in a towel but I honestly didn’t think about that till right this very second. I became to remember how I used to pack a light sweatshirt with me this time of the year just in case it started to get a bit chilly outside, to keep me warm, especially if my hair had been wet from swimming. With that same thought I started to crave a doughnut, something I haven’t consumed since… g-d knows when, maybe 2007, maybe even longer ago!
And then it hit me…!
I remembered seeing sweatshirts with candy and food on them such as skittles, cupcakes, french fries, pepperoni pizza, popcorn and a hamburger on designed by Mr Gugu & Miss Go and Beloved Shirts a few days ago. So I quickly looked them up to possibly help me become warmer and satisfy my sweet tooth but…nice try – I was only fooling myself!
These heavily saturated screen printed sweatshirts, in my opinion, are super cool! They are fun, loud, and will definetly turn some heads when walking down the street! They may even result in making those around you hungry! Beware, your friends an/or total strangers might start to bite you out of nowhere, confusing you for the real food! These sweatshirts are also screen printed with images of animals, galaxies, and the sky!
All of the sweatshirts above make for great gifts for your beloved Foodies, Animal Lovers, and Intergalactic space cadets, a like!
In addition I am also a bit obsessed with Brian Lichtenberg’s designer homage sweatshirts with sayings like Feline, Homies, & Ballin! They are confusing to the eye at first but us fashionistas know which brands Brian is referring to!. Last season, when I first saw a few people at Fashion Week wearing the T-Shirts and Sweatshirts from a a far, I thought I was either
a) becoming dyslexic
b) loosing my mind or
c) hallucinating!
But no, I was in fact reading correctly. See for yourself….they are an eye teaser for those who know which brand they are portraying! I just feel that those wearing these particular sweatshirts posses an outward attitude of “I’m cooler than you!” which at times is, awesome! Bring on the pretentious!! (sarcasm)
But in all honestly, I do love the sweatshirts and think you should,too!
What to you all think of these sweatshirt?
Would you be daring enough to sport a pepperoni pizza on your upper torso?
What about Gummie Bears?
How do you feel about Brian Lichtenberg’s sweatshirts,too?
I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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